Dwayne Haskins to the Giants in McShay’s First NFL Mock Draft

Getty Images Dwayne Haskins scrambling out of the pocket.

NFL Mock Draft season is upon us. We still have three weeks left to go in the NFL regular season, but what good is it to wait for mock drafts? There are teams right now who have nothing else to look forward to at this point. Some are eliminated from playoff contention, while others are in need of some crazy scenario to happen in order to stay alive in the races. But knowing that you can probably guess where some teams will land in the draft, it’s never too early to take a guess at which players will go in the first round.

This year’s draft is heavy on the big men. There is plenty of linemen, and not as many skill position players that are going to be worth a first-round pick. Running backs are almost non-existent, and wide receivers keep on slipping. What’s going to be very different though is the fact that there aren’t multiple quarterbacks making big names for themselves this year. Over the last couple of years, all of the attention has been placed on incoming rookie quarterbacks. This season is entirely different though.

According to ESPN Draft Analyst, Todd McShay, only two quarterback’s are worth a first-round selection so far this season, and there are no surprises. Both, Justin Herbert and Dwayne Haskins are the most prominent names. Granted, the Senior Bowl hasn’t happened yet, but from what has been shown throughout the year, there aren’t many quarterbacks that are giving teams initiative to buy high. And with the Heisman winner Kyler Murray taking the baseball route, there’s even less talent coming in with the 2019 rookie class.

Which Teams Grab Quarterbacks?

Going into the 2019 season, we can assume that there are a few teams that are in need of a quarterback. The obvious one that comes to mind is the New York Giants who are finally looking to move on from their Eli Manning era. Then, there’s the Jacksonville Jaguars who are done trying to develop Blake Bortles into the star he’s never going to be.

McShay has both, the Jags and the Giants taking quarterbacks in the first round. Herbert would be the first QB off the board. And Haskins follows not too far after him, which is a bit surprising considering the Ohio State star was just a Heisman candidate. Never mind where he drops though, just know that Haskins in New York blue could be the start of a successful era for the Giants.

Realistically, the Giants are one quarterback away from competing in their own division, the NFC East. With elite talents on board such as Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham, the Giants just need to add a dynamic piece under center who could give New York a fresh look on offense. Haskins can be that guy, and he will as long as he makes himself available.

Haskins Hasn’t Made His Decision Yet

“The more I watch this kid, the more I think he’s a legitimate first-round talent. The Eli Manning era is nearing an end in New York, and Haskins addresses Big Blue’s most glaring need. You have to feel pretty good about an offense featuring Haskins, Odell Beckham Jr. and Saquon Barkley. Now the Giants just need him to declare for the draft.”

Like many prospects, Dwayne Haskins has not declared for the draft yet. There’s still a chance he could return to the Buckeyes to make another run at the Heisman, but reports say he is leaning heavily towards the NFL Draft. And if Haskins keeps hearing his rumored landing spot to be the New York Giants, then there’s a good chance that he can be convinced to take his talents to the next level.

After all, Haskins is a Giants fan. Recently, during an interview with the New York Post, Haskins said “It would be pretty nice,” in response to his feelings if the Giants drafted him. As a New Jersey native, Haskins knows plenty about the New York Giants and would enjoy it if they took him as well. So far, Haskins would receive his wish of playing for New York, but there’s still plenty of time for things to change. Plus, Haskins needs to make his decision to declare still. As of right now he’s still a Buckeye.

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