Jazz’s Rudy Gobert Hit the Gym Minutes After Being Ejected

Getty Images Rudy Gobert frustrated with a call

The night was short-lived for Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert on Thursday. As the team hosted the Houston Rockets, Gobert lost his cool early on. The big story of the night coming out of Utah had nothing to do with the Jazz utterly pummeling the Rockets with a final score of 118-91. Instead, everybody was talking about Rudy Gobert’s ejection that came within the first few minutes of the game.

What led to the ejection? It’s simple. Gobert lost his temper. Nothing more, nothing less. After a foul was called on Gobert for a very questionable play that involved a flop, the center couldn’t help but feel like he was being treated wrong. And instead of just chalking everything up, Gobert angrily walked over to the side of the court and smacked a drink across the table.

Moments later, Gobert’s actions got him thrown out of the game. It was an obvious move to make by the referees. It didn’t take long for the story to become such a big deal. Not that player ejections are all that rare, but it doesn’t typically happen within the first few minutes of the game. But Gobert getting ejected wasn’t the funny part. The funny part was what Gobert decided to do just minutes after leaving the game.

The Play That Started It All

Gobert Decided to Keep on Working

Typically, player ejections and foul-outs happen towards the end of the game when things start to get heated. Therefore, when players leave the court, their night is finished. They just hit the showers early and call it quits. Gobert, on the other hand, decided that he didn’t want to end his night that early. As there was still three-quarters of the game left to play, the Utah center figured – Why not keep on working out?

After all, he did warm up and anticipate doing some running. So instead of just packing up early and sitting back and watching the game up in a luxurious press box or something, Gobert decided to get to work. He threw the game on the TV back in the team gym and started working out. Oh, and naturally he had to make sure that Instagram got the inside scoop.

The Jazz didn’t need Gobert on Thursday night as they took care of the Rockets with ease. But Gobert did need some sort of effective workout, and he wasn’t going to leave the team’s facility without getting one. So off to the treadmill he went as he got a workout in and did it for Instagram. How long did it last? Well, that’s unclear. It would be impressive to know if Gobert went through with his workout for the entire game.

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