What Did Joakim Noah’s Comments on the Knicks Mean?

Getty Images Joakim Noah during his stint with the New York Knicks.

This past summer, Joakim Noah and the New York Knicks were going through a bit of an ugly breakup. Noah didn’t want to re-join the team after last year’s season, and the Knicks weren’t able to do anything with him. After weeks, and months of frustration, Noah would eventually start sending subliminal messages to the Knicks via social media. He wanted out of New York City, and the process was taking a little while.

Finally, Noah would eventually be released, and recently he found a new city to call home. Noah signed with the Memphis Grizzlies and has been very excited about his new journey. And the excitement doesn’t just come from the fact that he’s actually on an NBA team once again. It actually comes from the fact that he’s going to be living in Memphis where it may not be as ‘lit.’

Yes, Joakim Noah apparently likes it in Memphis because his personality screams ‘I’m too lit.’ Allow me to further explain as best as I can. On Thursday afternoon, a quote from a recent interview that Noah was involved in made its way around the internet. And when Noah was asked why Memphis was perfect for him, and why New York wasn’t, his simple answer was “because I’m too lit.” And instantly everybody was filled up with confusion.

What Did Noah Mean by His Comments?

Did he mean he was too good for New York City? What? Well, luckily we were granted access to the entire interview on Friday morning and hearing more than just that one quote further clarifies what Noah meant by saying he was too lit for New York City and now it all makes sense. Well, it sort of does at least.

Basically, Joakim Noah’s problem in New York City was the lifestyle. They say this about Los Angeles, and sometimes about Miami as well. After all, New York is the city that never sleeps. Noah confirms that is no myth, especially if you are an NBA player. So after one game with the Knicks, Joakim Noah headed back to his place to host about 60 people and party.

Eventually, that lifestyle caught up with Noah, and his time with the Knicks was no longer valuable. The mutual breakup might’ve been a bit bitter at the time, but it seems like everything is okay now. And in all honesty, Noah’s comments about him having a problem with the New York City lifestyle actually reflects well on the Knicks because now it doesn’t look like it was their faults. A win-win situation for everybody.

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