Kevin Durant Receives “Draymond Hates You” Chants in Atlanta

kevin durant birthday

Getty Kevin Durant made a birthday request a bit awkward.

For the first time in some years, the Golden State Warriors have some dirt against them. After being a squeaky clean championship team for so long, there is finally something that opposing fans can make fun of them for. Last time, it was a couple of years back after they blew a 3-1 series lead in the NBA Finals and lost it all. This time, it’s their two star players, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green getting into it behind the scenes.

Last month, the incident went down and gave the NBA world some much-needed drama to shake things up. With the Warriors not being at the top of the West, and them struggling to get along all while key players were out with an injury, many thought that we could realistically be witnessing the demise of the almighty, Golden State Warriors.

For those of you who are waiting on it, don’t hold your breath. We’re not quite there yet. However,  Golden State is still very beatable. And that Kevin Durant and Draymond Green beef is still a fresh wound and very well may be getting in the heads of the team when brought up. The fans of the Atlanta Hawks attempted to use the dirt against the Warriors, and it didn’t exactly change the game. But overall, it still made for a good chant while Kevin Durant was shooting free throws on Monday night.

Kevin Durant Hears It from the Crowd

By the time the crowd was ready to erupt in loud chants for Kevin Durant, the Warriors had a somewhat comfortable lead. Clearly, the Hawks aren’t a better team than the Warriors, and it doesn’t take an expert to figure that out. But the fans of Atlanta didn’t seem to care much. Just because they were losing, didn’t mean that they couldn’t have a little fun trolling the other team’s superstar for fun.

So, as Kevin Durant was lining up at the stripe on Monday night, the Atlanta crowd started chanting “Draymond hates you!” chants at the superstar. Durant didn’t address the chants at all after the game, but anybody who has observed the Warriors star over the years can definitely make a fair assumption that Durant did not take kindly to the distraction tactic. After all, this is the same guy who has made fake Twitter accounts just to defend himself online.


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