Has Kevin Durant Hinted at Staying with the Golden State Warriors Long-Term?

Getty Images Kevin Durant backing down his opponent.

We’re still a ways to go before the NBA Free Agency hits, but it’s tough to not talk about the potential upcoming market right now. Last season, the big names were LeBron James and Paul George. This year, we’re expecting to see another Kevin Durant saga after many rumors have hinted at Durant getting out of Golden State after he snags another ring for the collection.

Obviously, everything is just speculation right now. Every single little tidbit about Durant’s life revolves around his next potential destination according to the basketball world. Every comment is put on a microscope, and everybody is grasping for straws. Nobody knows where Durant is going to go. It’s all one big mystery right now. But if you ask the veteran superstar, he will tell you that his heart is set in the Bay Area.

This year has been the most challenging test for this era of the Warriors. With the injuries occurring, and the behind-the-scenes beef between Durant and Draymond Green, things have definitely gone South at one point. Luckily for the Warriors, they stayed afloat in the West and are starting to get their groove back.

Durant and company have their eyes set on a three-peat, and that could really dictate what Durant ends up doing this summer when free agency rolls around. Everybody claimed that Durant was ring-chasing when he packed up from Oklahoma City and went to Golden State, right? Well, maybe it will take another ring to keep Durant happy where he is. After all, it seems like he just wants to be a legend somewhere at this point.

KD Speaks on the Future of Golden State

Recently, Durant sat down with Yahoo Sports’ NBA Insider, Chris Haynes to discuss what he envisions with Golden State. The way Durant sees it, he believes that in the future this current Golden State team will have statues, retired jersey’s, and much more than your typical legacy. And if they complete the three-peat in 2019, then Durant sees this group becoming ‘Bay Area Legends forever.’

Kevin Durant joined the Warriors two years ago, and he’s already talking legendary status. That seems a bit crazy, no? Typically, when you think about a legend connected to a franchise, they usually are there for close to or at least a decade. Durant, on the other hand, joined the Warriors while they were already highly successful.

So if you want to talk about Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green getting statues, then that makes sense. However, Durant won’t, and shouldn’t get that much recognition as a Bay Area Legend if he bounces after only year three, third-consecutive ring or not.

Would Durant Forfeit Big Money for More Rings?

Could we make the assumption and say that Durant isn’t in it for the money as he’s now playing in his 30s? It’s evident that winning is important to Durant. After all, he did leave the Thunder to join a much-stronger team. Many speculate that Durant wants to leave Golden State to create his legacy elsewhere (New York?) but his recent comments kind of go against what everybody believes will happen.

At this point, we will have to see how it all plays out. But if Durant is able to secure his third straight ring, why wouldn’t he stay with the Warriors until that era is finished? Durant has plenty of time left to go in his career, and there’s a good chance that Golden State is willing to keep him around for the right price. Perhaps, a hometown discount could keep KD on board? Players have taken paycuts to win rings before, and Durant is truly ring-chasing, then who’s to say he won’t do it again and stay on board?

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