WATCH: Klay Thompson Has a Terrible Post-Game Interview on Friday

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The Golden State Warriors are becoming fun to watch again. That’s if you enjoy watching the Warriors battle it out and come away with a win. If not, then I’m not sure what else to tell you. Regardless of the final results of the game though, everybody could enjoy Klay Thompson’s ‘WTF’ moment on the court after the game.

Over the last couple of years, Klay Thompson has quietly become the most entertaining player on the Warriors roster. Sure, everybody loves Steph Curry. They like to hate Kevin Durant. And Draymond Green is in his own world of entertainment in the game. But Klay Thompson is just simply himself on and off the court, and it works for those who are watching.

The Sacramento Kings and the Warriors were battling it out on Friday night, as the Warriors pulled away with a five-point lead in a high-scoring matchup. Thompson stayed on the court for 38 minutes, and finished the game with 27 points and came in the clutch to help his team come away with the victory. Naturally, Thompson was chosen for the post-game interview on the court, and his mind must’ve still been in the game because his responses to the simple question were well, it was pretty terrible. Check it out.

What Is Klay Trying to Say?

I guess when you’re a champion like Klay Thompson, your post-game words aren’t all that important. Thompson may be a star on the court, but he doesn’t seem all that interested in keeping up with a superstar lifestyle. Part of that lifestyle includes being an excellent public speaker who always says the right things. In Klay’s case, he doesn’t seem to care.

What’s he trying to say in this clip? Nobody knows. Naturally, Twitter had fun with Klay’s interview after the game, and the audience reactions all had one thing in common – Everybody was absolutely lost on trying to understand where Thompson was trying to go with that. And if you hear his chuckle at the end, you can probably assume that Thompson realized that what he said made absolutely no sense. So in the end, it’s all good anyway because the Warriors won the game, and Klay gave everybody something to talk about.


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