Lamar Jackson Fantasy: Ravens Rookie Set to Start Once Again

Baltimore Ravens

Getty Lamar Jackson has been punishing defenses with his legs.

We figured it was coming soon, but is the time finally here? Is Lamar Jackson going to officially be the starting quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens from here on out? As Joe Flacco continues to miss time, the Ravens are beginning to realize that sometimes change is good. And while they got a ton of amazing achievements out of Flacco during his stint as the franchise quarterback, it’s clearly time to start thinking about moving on for good with the emergence of the rookie, Lamar Jackson.

The Ravens rookie may not be the best passer, but he brings an entirely new life to the Baltimore offense. Hence the reason why the Ravens are currently on a three-game win streak. This week, Jackson will get tested by a tough matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. Again, we can’t expect Jackson to air the ball out in the passing game, but don’t expect him to slow down his eagerness to keep the ball on the ground.

Jackson is a mobile quarterback, whether you like it or not. And if you utilize Jackson for fantasy purposes, then you probably love it. He’s going to be a fantasy football machine. And if and when Jackson starts to find a rhythm in the passing game, then his fantasy numbers are going to skyrocket tremendously over time. At this point, the only thing that worries Jackson’s fantasy owners is the return of Joe Flacco. Will he be the starter when he comes back? Who knows. We do know one thing though, Flacco’s return won’t be during Week 14.

Flacco Ruled out after Feeling Good about Returning

All throughout Sunday morning, the Kansas City Chiefs were preparing for both, Jackson and Flacco to play quarterback. With the news coming out about Flacco feeling alright, and up for returning, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid didn’t know what to expect. Obviously, everybody is assuming that Jackson has won over the starting position, but you also have to remember that the Ravens have been quite loyal to Flacco over the years. He’s received many chances, and always seems to get the benefit of the doubt.

This time around though, it may not matter. Jackson is the guy at quarterback for Week 14, and just might be the first-stringer moving forward. With five total touchdowns, over 500 passing yards, and over 400 rushing yards in three games, Jackson has proven to have some sweet fantasy value. Whether it’s in season-long leagues, or daily fantasy, Jackson should continue to be utilized as long as he is available. The offensive threat has been an issue on the ground for opposing defenses.

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