Michael Jordan Is Better Than LeBron James Because MJ Won Rings With One Team Says Ex Knick

Getty LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers will host the Miami Heat on Monday night.

Over the years, the LeBron vs. MJ debate has grown.

Who is better?

While James’ story is still being written, here are concrete facts: MJ has six championships and LeBron has three championships.

While the number of MJ’s championships has been a measuring stick for the Akron hammer’s success, Starks predicts that James’ switching of teams to win his rings vs. Jordan’s winning all of his rings with the Chicago Bulls will ultimately haunt James in the court of public opinion.

“Mike did all his championships on one team and guys wanted to play for him,” former New York Knicks guard, John Starks told me on Scoop B Radio.

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GettyChicago Bulls Michael Jordan (R) drives on New York Knicks Derek Harper 11 May during their conference semi-finals game in New York. The Knicks defeated the Bulls 102-99. / Getty

Starks knows a thing or two about those 1990s Chicago Bulls teams, staring MJ.

His Knicks often dueled with MJ and the Chicago Bulls.

Starks had the upper hand at times too. 

For those tardy to the party, Starks had the ultimate dunk on Horace Grant and Michael Jordan in the NBA Playoffs that is revered by Knicks fans to this day.

John Starks dunks on the Bulls NBA Playoffs 1993 FULLJohn Starks dunks on the Bulls Playoffs 1993. The best dunk of his entire carrer. Other videos at : keepflying.fr2008-07-30T19:56:46.000Z

So back to the subject of the greatest of all time between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Starks says MJ takes the crown over LeBron James for one reason and one reason only.

“He didn’t move around, didn’t want to move around,” Starks said of Michael Jordan.

“He wanted to play against the best. He felt like he didn’t need to go chase players or join this team to beat the best because he felt like he was the best, and I think that’s the difference. I think that’s probably going to hurt LeBron when you look at it in that perspective against Michael, Bird, and Magic, those guys stayed with one team. And they won with that team.”

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