Markelle Fultz Travels to St. Louis to See More Specialists

Markelle Fultz Ben Simmons

Getty Second-year players Markelle Fultz and Ben Simmons have each caught flak for their lack of shooting ability.

Former first-overall pick Markelle Fultz can’t seem to figure out what’s going on with him. At this point, the situation is just getting more confusing by the day. Nobody can seem to crack this mysterious case, as the Sixers second-year guard continues to search for answers on why and how his shot and form started looking the way it did.

Last season, Markelle Fultz looked like the real deal when he made his NBA debut in the summer league. Unfortunately, Fultz couldn’t avoid the 76ers’ rookie curse and suffered a minor ankle injury that would keep him off the court for the rest of the summer. During that time off, Fultz healed up his ankle but seemed to lose his jump shot, which was the one skill that landed him as the number one pick.

Nobody knows what happened. There have been a thousand theories as to what happened with Fulz and his shoulder, and even after a year later there still isn’t any answers. Recently, Fultz and the Sixers have tried to find it, but still no luck. A couple weeks back, Fultz decided to take advice from his ‘camp’ and shut himself down from the team.

Although Fultz would participate in a few activities here and there, he didn’t suit up for any games. And once the Sixers arrived in New York, Fultz not only had to support his team but see a few specialists as well. It was assumed that Fultz would get his results back around Thursday or Friday, but it doesn’t seem like the second-year guard’s camp doesn’t feel like they have found what they are looking for. Therefore, Fultz is on the move once again to see yet, another shoulder specialist this weekend.

Fultz Is on to the Next Doctor

The answer to Fultz’s problems clearly wasn’t in New York. According to ESPN NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski, Fultz will continue to see specialists all through the weekend/early next week. Sixers writer Keith Pompey reported that St. Louis, Missouri was Fultz’s next destination to seek out a specialist. Hopefully, he finds what he is looking for this time around.

With the way the Sixers have been playing lately, Fultz’s presence hasn’t been missed too much. Sure, he could contribute a little on the defensive side of things, but for the most part, it looks like the Sixers are going to be alright without the former first pick. After all, it sounds like the Sixers would roll with more T.J. McConnell moving forward anyway.

In fact, many are speculating that with all of the behind-the-scenes drama between Fultz’s camp and the Sixers could cause too much of an issue moving forward. And as crazy as it sounds, there’s some speculation that Fultz could have very well played his final game with the Sixers a few weeks ago. Perhaps, the Sixers are waiting for a shoulder diagnosis to find out what his real value is in the trade market.

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