Melvin Gordon Apologizes to His Fantasy Owners

melvin gordon injury status

Getty Melvin Gordon exited the Ravens-Chargers playoff game.

There must’ve been a lot of disappointed fantasy owners recently as playoff time approached. As always, injuries have completely derailed some teams. And as playoff time came, some significant names were no longer available when it mattered the most because injuries played a massive part. Those who own Los Angeles Chargers running back Melvin Gordon evidently felt the loss as he missed the last few weeks.

If you ask an injured NFL player their opinion on fantasy sports, they will most likely tell you they don’t care. While that statement is usually issued in a passive-aggressive way, it’s become quite clear over the years that professional football players do not want to hear from their fantasy owners. It makes sense since real football is more important than fantasy football, but sometimes it doesn’t matter to the fans.

However, Chargers running back Melvin Gordon does seem to care more than other players. Knowing that he has been a top contributor at the running back position for quite some time now, Gordon enjoys hearing about how he helped some of his fantasy owners to victory. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything to help them when it mattered most in the playoffs. For that, Gordon actually sent out an apology message to his fans.

Melvin Gordon Apologizes

This is very different. A genuine message to his fantasy owners. Wow, a player who actually cares about those who have him on their team. That’s a very rare trait to come by. Gordon might’ve been the missing piece to some fantasy squads, but at least he was kind enough to let everybody know that he was sorry. We’re sure with that, nobody is going to be hounding him in his Twitter mentions about how he was the reason they lost.

At this point, most fantasy leagues are wrapped up after this week. So, Gordon is pretty much finished in producing for fake teams. Now, the Chargers running back has to get ready to return to the red-hot Chargers as they are preparing to make a real-life playoff run. They secured a huge victory to take over the AFC West on Thursday night, and now they have an opportunity to make a run!

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