NFL Power Rankings Week 14: Cowboys & Seahawks Make Jump

NFL Week 13 gave us a few surprises and some that caused shakeups in our power rankings. We should have known from the Cowboys surprising win over the Saints on Thursday night that we could have a few upsets brewing this week.

The Bears were surprised by the Giants in overtime. Carolina lost on the road at Tampa Bay. After getting blown out in the first half, the Chargers rallied against the Steelers to pull out a victory on Sunday Night Football. Dallas still had the most impressive moment of the week thanks to their defense holding the prolific Saints offense to 10 points.

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett noted it was the team's resiliency that allowed them to win.

"One of the big keys to this game was handling the success of this game and keep playing," Garrett explained to 247 Sports. "Handling the adversity of this game and keep playing. It was gonna be a 60-minute game. We got out in front of this thing. We did a good job of stopping them defensively. We did a good job possessing the football offensively, we got ahead, but we knew they were gonna keep coming. And we had to keep coming, and we made some critical stops at the end of the ball game, everybody had a piece of it."

The Chiefs Surprised Us in a Good Way

Kansas City continues to be one of the best teams in the league, but the conversation this week centered around the actions of Kareem Hunt. Too often we see teams justify a player's actions if they have talent on the football field. Hours after a video surfaced that showed Hunt being violent with a woman, the team abruptly cut Hunt.

A strong argument could be made for the team not needing to see the video to take the necessary actions. That said, the Chiefs decision to cut Hunt so quickly showed they valued the culture of their team much more than the talent they were losing at running back. Hunt has been one of the most talented running backs in the league over his brief career, and the Chiefs made the right decision even if it may cost them on the field.

Spencer Ware spoke about the impact of the situation on the team.

"We had work today,'' Ware explained to ESPN. "We had business to take care of. So we try to stay distraction-free over here. There's no try. You've just got to do it. We played hard. We had our mistakes. ... We won't let anything that happens on the outside dictate or control what we have inside. That's my brother. It's a tough situation. But the men in this circle, the men in the locker room ... we've got one goal, and that's to win a Super Bowl.''

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