LOOK: Patrick Mahomes’ No-Look Pass Is Even Better in Slow-Motion

Getty Images Patrick Mahomes scrambling out of the pocket.

Every single season there is a new NFL quarterback that just blows everybody’s minds. Two years ago it was Dak Prescott. Last season it was DeShaun Watson. This year, it is undoubtedly Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. It may be Mahomes’ second season in the NFL, but it might as well be his rookie year. After sitting on the bench throughout his first year, Mahomes has learned enough to come out and be the star that he is on NFL Sunday’s.

However, Mahomes carries a skill set that other quarterbacks simply cannot get a grasp on. This kid is good, really good. And his improv skills on the field are what separates him from other passers in the league. Mahomes is an MVP candidate, and there’s no other way around it. His numbers are highly impressive, and his highlight reel is as good as the stats say.

But when you watch Mahomes flash his arm strength, or simply just make a ridiculous play on the go, Mahomes just proves each and every game why he is going to be as great as advertised. This kid is no fluke, and we are witnessing him do things that other quarterbacks would never even attempt. On purpose, at least.

What Did Mahomes Do Now?

In case you’re out of the loop, Mahomes broke the internet with his ridiculous pass on Sunday afternoon against the Baltimore Ravens. I know what you’re thinking. “What, did he air out some ridiculous hail-mary-like pass for the win?” or “Did he throw another pass with his left hand on the run for a critical first down?” Nope. Mahomes actually decided that he was going to fake the defense out by throwing to a receiver he wasn’t even looking at!

Many people watching didn’t catch it at first in real time. The play looked like a simple pass and catch for a first down, but there was more to it. If you watch the play closely, you can see that Mahomes never even looks at his target. He is looking straight ahead and decides to throw it to the left and hits his receiver perfectly in stride.

Check out the Play

Again, in realtime the play looked normal. But after the replay hit the internet, social media went crazy. This hasn’t been done before. And if it has, it definitely did not receive this much attention. As this play went well, it could’ve resulted in an interception just as easy as it was completed. But that’s just the type of results that you get when Mahomes is under center. He is a risk taker, but ultimately he finds ways to make it all work out for the better of his team.

Mahomes is a beast, and he is just getting started. There are only a few weeks left of the regular season, so the MVP race is down to the home stretch. At this point, it’s becoming pretty clear that Mahomes may be the favorite when it’s all said and done. Not only does he have the numbers to win it, but he also has a highlight reel from this season that most quarterbacks couldn’t form in an entire career. That says a lot about the Chiefs quarterback.

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