Redskins HC Jay Gruden Confirms the Team Will Not Sign Colin Kaepernick

Getty Images Colin Kaepernick with the 49ers

The Washington Redskins have had it rough over the last couple of weeks. First, they lost their starting quarterback Alex Smith for the rest of the season. Then, they lost control of first place in the NFC East with a loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Now, they lost their backup quarterback Colt McCoy on Monday Night Football due to a fractured fibula, which will also put an end to his season as well.

We know what you’re thinking – Are the Washinton Redskins going to be the team that does it? Will they finally sign Colin Kaepernick? As the Redskins are still technically alive in the NFC East, they have an opportunity at hand to bring on a quarterback that is probably better than the guy they are playing with now, Mark Sanchez.

Seeing as though the Redskins took a chance on a troubled player like Reuben Foster last week, why wouldn’t they risk a potential Public Relations hit with Colin Kaepernick as well? They do want to try and win football games, right? Well, it doesn’t look like Kaepernick is going to get his chance still. Whether he wants to play in the NFL again at this point or not, Redskins head coach Jay Gruden confirmed that they will not be signing Kaepernick.

Kaepernick Not in the Redskins Plans

After Colt McCoy went down early in the first half of Monday night’s game, social media automatically lit up with a small ray of hope that the Redskins finally become the team that signs Kaepernick. Especially after the team took a chance on Reuben Foster this past week. Although both of their situations are like night and day, it’s no surprise that Kaepernick is still not going to get an opportunity with a team after everything that has transpired in the past two years.

Although Gruden states that the idea of signing Kaepernick has been talked about, it’s not going to happen. Is it the right move? It’s unclear. At this point, the Redskins may be sealing their fate, and just trying to save some money. But as they are currently still in the running for the NFC East, they should’ve taken a harder look at the situation and seriously considered it.

What they have with Mark Sanchez is not going to get them very far. That’s not to say that Kaepernick would get give them an automatic shot at winning the division, but you have to think that he would be an upgrade. Regardless though, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. And at this point, it’s pretty much clear that Kaepernick is not going to get himself a job in the NFL if it wasn’t already clear from before.

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