WATCH: Shocked Patriots Fan Wouldn’t Leave the Empty Stadium

Getty Images New England Patriots fans.

Imagine going to an NFL game on the road, in another teams stadium wearing the visitor’s colors. Your team is the favorite to win and is up five points with less than ten seconds to go. The other team is more than half the field away from scoring, and they literally need a miracle play to win it all. And to your surprise, it happens. Tough scenario, right? Well, that’s precisely what happened to this New England Patriots fan on Sunday.

A die-hard New England fan decided to get a ticket to the Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday to see his favorite team potentially come away with a crucial divisional win. Although the Dolphins have competed well against the Patriots as of recent, New England was still the favorites to come away with this Week 14 matchup. They could’ve, and they should’ve, but they didn’t.

Miami attempted an impossible play that pretty much never works, but it did this time. Somehow, the Miami Dolphins defeated the Patriots, and the victory couldn’t be any sweeter for Phins’ fans. As for the Patriots fan base, well, they weren’t too pleased, to say the least. They were in perfect position to win and ultimately came up short. Now, they have to hear it for at least the next week. And a specific Patriots fan has to watch a video of himself just sitting in an empty Dolphins stadium still in shock all over the internet.

The Play That Made It Happen

One Fan Couldn’t Believe It

Nothing else mattered to this visibly upset fan. As Dolphins fans stood from a distance laughing and filming him, this New England fan just sat there in disgust on his phone. Apparently, the Hard Rock staff eventually had to remove the fan from the stadium because he wasn’t making any moves to leave. Sometimes, football losses can have fans so miserable that they just do not want to move from their seat.

Unfortunately for this specific fan, his seat was in the opposing team’s stadium. It’s a tough break, but we’re sure the Patriots will bounce back. Although New England hasn’t been quite a powerhouse this season, we all know that they are still a significant threat in the postseason. And while the Dolphins won the battle on Sunday during Week 14, this entire game will be nothing but an afterthought for the Patriots when playoff time rolls around.

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