Sixers’ Brett Brown Gushes over Butler, Simmons Matching Headbands

Getty Images Brett Brown talking to Sixers star, Ben Simmons.

The Philadelphia 76ers are surely hitting their stride early on in the season this year. It’s not hard to tell who/what the difference maker is this time around. Veteran experience on the court not only brings a much-better skillset to the game when it matters most, but it also brings solid leadership as well. That’s what the Sixers were hoping for when they traded for Jimmy Butler, and they are definitely getting it right now.

Ever since the trade for Butler, the team morale has been high. Everybody assumed that the Sixers big man Joel Embiid would get along with anybody just fine, but nobody really knows what to expect with the other Sixers young star, Ben Simmons. Fortunately, the presence of Butler has not only lifted Simmons’ production, but it has played a vital part in making the Sixers entertaining once again in 2018.

On Friday night, the Sixers hosted the Washington Wizards at the Wells Fargo Center, where the team got to rock their all gray city jersey’s once again. Except for this time around, Ben Simmons and Jimmy Butler decided to collaborate and match with their uniforms by throwing on headbands for the first time this season. It was different, and quite frankly, hilarious in some type of way. Despite making everybody laugh, Simmons and Butler ended up having one solid outing, as well as the Sixers whole team, who destroyed the Wizards 123-98.

Simmons and Butler’s New Look

Headbands aren’t as fashionable in today’s game as they used to be. Nowadays, NBA players like to rock the sleeves as an accesory, rather than a headband –  but Simmons and Butler decided to throw it back along with their jersey’s on Friday. Who’s idea was it to wear the headbands? Nobody knows. According to Jimmy Butler, it was Simmons’ idea. But it sounded like Butler might’ve had a lot more influence than he wants to say with the idea after he stated that “headbands are in right now.”

Regardless of who came up with the idea, everybody was all about it. Even the Sixers head coach Brett Brown was acting like a massive fan of the two on Friday during his postgame press conference. It’s public knowledge that Brett Brown is very close to his team, but could anybody expect a head coach to get this giddy over a headband-matching game between the two stars on the team?

Brett Brown Gushes over the Idea

Brett Brown couldn’t hold back from smiling on Friday for two reasons. One being the fact that the Sixers took care of business at home, advancing their season record to 16-8. And two, his team is just clicking on a whole other level and having fun while doing so. The headband idea may be a one-time thing, but Brett Brown is clearly on board with how entertaining it was during Friday nights game.

With the way the Sixers have been clicking, it’s going to be difficult for anybody to knock them off of their high horse. We’ll see just how strong this team chemistry is over the next four games though. Sure, the Sixers can take down the Wizards at home, but now they hit a rough stretch with games against the Memphis Grizzlies, Toronto Raptors, and back-to-back matchups against the Detroit Pistons.

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