Sixers’ Joel Embiid Isn’t Satisfied with His Monster Night

Getty Images Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid pumps the crowd up.

What does it take to satisfy Sixers superstar center, Joel Embiid? When the team is winning, and he isn’t getting his stats, he grows frustrated with his role on the team and gets upset with himself. But when Embiid is posting some crazy stats, nothing seems to matter if the result for the team isn’t a positive one. That was the case on Friday against the Indiana Pacers. Embiid put on a show, but his team didn’t win.

Sometimes, an NBA player can do all that he can to have himself a night, but if the team can’t close out the game with a victory, then the stats become pointless. That’s how Embiid feels despite getting back on track. Sure, the seven-footer hit a bit of a slump recently, but it looks like he’s starting to get back to his old ways. Unfortunately, his team is headed in the other direction.

As the Sixers hosted the Pacers on Friday night, Indiana was looking to win their sixth-straight matchup. Meanwhile, the Sixers were attempting to bounce back after a disappointing loss to the Brooklyn Nets at home two nights ago. Embiid went off by dropping 40 points in 34 minutes on the court. He also came down with 21 rebounds. This comes after an impressive performance against the Nets where Embiid dropped 33 points and grabbed 17 rebounds. The downside to his personal gain is the Sixers lost both of Embiid’s bounce back games.

Embiid Is Back on Track

What Will It Take to Get Back on Track as a Team?

Embiid isn’t the problem with the Sixers, clearly. One obvious piece that’s missing for Philly is their superstar forward, Jimmy Butler. As Butler missed his second game in a row, the Sixers clearly are struggling without his contributions both on offense and defense. And let’s not forget, Butler’s ability to help close out the game with a win. As the Sixers did lead the Pacers for most of the night on Friday, Indiana climbed back and secured a 12 point victory. Despite Embiid’s big game, he wasn’t delighted. So, how can the Sixers win then?

The loss with a big stat line creates merely a motivational situation for the superstar center. If Embiid is hungry, he will get it. But the man needs help as long as Butler isn’t able to get out on the floor. While other veteran players like J.J. Redick and Ben Simmons have had their fair share of contributions, there are a few other players on the Sixers starting lineup, and coming off the bench who have been looking like dead weight on the roster.

Soon, the Sixers will have to make a move for somebody if these guys don’t start carrying their weight. The struggles will only last so long until other guys begin to grow frustrated. And don’t be surprised if Embiid is the first one to speak his mind about it when it happens. Especially if he continues to play the way he’s been performing just to lose. That will get old to the superstar center reasonably quickly.


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