WATCH: Steelers Fan Chokes Pregnant Chargers Fan During Game in Pittsburgh

Time and time again, a combination of extreme sports fandom, alcohol, and the adrenaline of watching trained athletes perform at the highest level can make for disastrous results. This past Sunday evening, December 2nd, the Los Angeles Chargers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers, 33-30 in the final seconds of last week’s edition of Sunday Night Football.

Both teams are currently battling to solidify a playoff spot in a competitive AFC division and the fans in attendance at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania knew this. Unfortunately, towards the end of the game, multiple physical altercations took place in the stadium but the most disturbing scuffle took place when a Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan was caught on camera choking a Los Angeles Chargers fan who just so happened to be pregnant.

Footage obtained by KDKA-TV News, of the altercation, can be seen in the video above.

The Footage Breakdown: Belligerent Steelers Fan Goes Too Far

In the footage, a man in a black long-sleeved Steelers jacket can be seen with his right hand wrapped around the throat of a woman in a Derwin James jersey before the man in the Chargers suit interferes. The man in the jacket and suit tussle for an additional couple of seconds before the Steelers fan nearly pushed a man over the railing onto the field. Field attendants approached the hostile man forcing him to end the altercation.

The Victims & The Pittsburg Steelers Speak Out

According to the Pittsburgh Current, the woman who has decided to remain anonymous is a 26-year-old, pregnant, and a San Diego resident who often travels to several Los Angeles Chargers away games throughout the season with her husband, Daniel Minshew (the man in the Chargers suit in the footage).

According to the victims, the unidentified aggressor had yelled for the couple to sit down prior to engaging them physically.

Minshew reached out to The Current and stated the following,

“I plan on calling police officials today about filing criminal charges, my wife and I attend several road games annually and I myself have been to approximately a dozen away games and have never experienced anything like we did Sunday night.”

The Current also reached out to the Pittsburgh Steelers who released a written statement themselves saying,

“At the conclusion of our investigation, we will turn over all information to authorities as they determine whether charges will be filed.”

The Pittsburg Steelers have made a commitment to ban all aggressors who were in attendance of last Sunday’s game from the stadium indefinitely.

We’ve Gotta Do Better

As enthusiasts and participants in our favorite sports and pastimes, we’ve got to do a better job at maintaining a respectful sense of consciousness in all fanatic settings. Whether it be at our favorite sports bar, at a friend’s house, or in the arena itself there’s no reason for anyone to put their hands on a woman or anyone for the sake of fandom.

Whoever this guy was that decided to assault a pregnant woman and her husband will no longer to be able to attend anymore Steelers’ games in Pittsburgh because he was not able to control his emotions. Not to mention the guy had some pretty decent seats from the looks of this horrific footage. His loss, keep your hands to yourselves, folks.

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