Stephen A & Allen Iverson’s All-Time Starting Five Have One Key Difference

Allen Iverson

Getty Allen Iverson

In his recent piece in The Player’s Tribune, Allen Iverson opened up about some aspects of his personality we may not have ever known about. For one, he loves to draw. He’s also a movie buff, but most of all he’s stubbornly on the “MJ” side of the “MJ vs. LeBron” GOAT debate.

“Man….. listen. First of all, I love LeBron,” he writes. “I have nothing but love for LeBron. That’s the best player of his generation, one of the best ever, a great husband, great father, great role model, and it’s even beyond that: What he’s doing with that school in Akron?? It’s a beautiful thing.

“But y’all. We’re talking about Mike. We’re talking about Mike, O.K.?? We’re talking about Black Jesus himself.”

Iverson’s All-Time Starting Five Does Not Include KD

Near the end of the piece, Iverson revealed his all-time starting five: Steph Curry at point, Michael Jordan as a shooting guard, Kobe Bryant holding it down at small forward, LeBron at power forward, and Shaquille O’Neal at the 5.

Most of these pics are unsurprising; of course MJ is on there, of course LeBron is in the mix. But Stephen A chimed in after the fact with an all-time starting five of his own, and there was one major difference: Kobe didn’t make the cut.

“Love ya @AllenIverson,” Smith wrote, “but Kobe is NOT on my list for two reasons:
1) I already have Jordan
2) Durant is about 5” taller and a better perimeter shooter.”

He’s got a point, but them’s fightin’ words for some. KD–though currently the second-best player in the league–isn’t the most popular player, and has made some straight-up enemies with his attitude at times. It’s also a pretty modern-player-heavy lineup, and Kobe is already cemented in history as an absolute legend unlike Durant, who still has years left to do so.

It’s all in good fun though, and we’ll never see either group play together in their respective primes.

Can you imagine, though?

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