Will ESPN’s ‘Booger Mobile’ Survive Eagles Fans on Monday?

Getty Images Will the Booger Mobile survive Philly?

One of the most controversial issues from the 2018 NFL season has seriously been about a broadcasting tool from ESPN on Monday Night Football. Every major network has tried new things during their NFL broadcasts over the last couple of years when it comes to different camera angles and ideas. For ESPN, their innovative tool has been the infamous “Booger Mobile” on the sidelines.

A rather large seat that tends to block a significant view of the game on Monday nights for a good chunk of fans has made NFL fans pretty livid throughout the year. And for what? A good ten seconds of analysis every couple of minutes? There are televisions and booths all throughout the stadiums for Booger McFarland to sit and do a quick, live analysis, but ESPN likes the idea of him being up front and center for all of the action.

The network tried to fix the issue by installing a flat screen TV behind the vehicle with the broadcast, but that still hasn’t satisfied paying fans, which totally makes sense. And while the Booger Mobile has received countless amounts of hate and complaints on social media, there surprisingly hasn’t been any major issues with ESPN dealing with some fan misconduct. However, many NFL fans are expecting that streak to end during Week 13.

The Booger Mobile Takes on Philly

For the first time this season, the Philadelphia Eagles will host a game on Monday Night Football. That means that Booger McFarland and his Booger Mobile will get in the way of countless Eagles fans, who are already upset with the way things have gone this season while the team attempts to make another run for the Super Bowl.

As it’s been public knowledge for decades now, disgruntled Philly fans aren’t all that welcoming. Granted, every fan base has their fair share of bad eggs – but Philly fans tend to take things over the top quite often. And if the Eagles come out playing like they have for the most part of this season, then many believe that the Booger Mobile could become a target for beer bottles and whatever else is in an angry fans possession.

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