WWE Raw: 5 Radical Storylines Vince McMahon Could Start With ‘Shake-Up’

WWE Raw Vince McMahon

Getty WWE Shakeup

Vince McMahon will be in Sacramento, California for Monday night’s episode of Raw, and according to plans and pre-show hype, the chairman will “shake things up.”

While I’m hoping for something unexpected, my better judgment leads me to believe the shake-up will be underwhelming. That said, allow me to entertain myself with five radical storylines that could be hatched with McMahon’s Monday night visit to Raw.

NXT Invasion

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There are so many compelling talents in NXT, it seems like a waste to keep guys and girls like Velveteen Dream, Kairi Sane, Shayna Baszler, Bianca Belair, Adam Cole, Tommaso Ciampa, Aleister Black, EC3 and others in the developmental system.

If Vince showed up on Raw with his own NXT faction, or he allowed Triple H to assume that role, it could inject new life into the entire show. It could be an old-school vs. new-school dynamic that might resonate with fans.

Complete Anarchy

Vince could announce a state of anarchy. He could remove himself, Stephanie, Shane and every other presence of authority from regular programming.

I’ve long been a fan of the WWE completely doing away with the heel-face dynamics. Most of the time, fans wind up booing the guys and girls the WWE wants them to cheer and vice versa. A smart counter to the new era of pro wrestling fans (about 10 years overdue, but better late than never) would be to introduce a new era that has no good or bad guys.

There are just characters all out for themselves, or their factions with few rock-solid allegiances. That concept would be interesting and it might reinvigorate the smarks who have become too smart for the old-school wrestling ways.

There might have been a small hint as to something like this from TLC on Sunday. Michael Cole said, “Mr. McMahon isn’t going to allow the inmates to run the asylum? Maybe, he will.

Wipe The Title Picture Clean with Tournaments

Vince could also push the reset button. He could say nothing is working and it’s time to start fresh. All champions–including Asuka–are forced to relinquish their titles and battle for each championship in some sort of a tournament or better yet, in separate battle royales at the Royal Rumble.

There would be an outcry from Asuka fans because she just won her title, but to satisfy the Universe, Asuka could simply win the title back to validate Sunday night’s coronation. In any case, who doesn’t love tournaments and high-stakes battle royales?

Fans Choice, Who Stays and Who Goes

Perhaps turning things over to the fans might work. How about a worldwide vote to determine who stays and who goes…literally? The WWE says we have 80 spots on our roster in total and we’re going to allow the fans to decide which Superstars fill those slots.

That poll would have the most engagements of any across all brands of social media during its run. Fans would go insane with the opportunity, and that’s a little of what the WWE wants, right?

Bringing In The Young Bucks and Cody

The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes are visionaries. Rhodes obviously has major ties to the WWE, but in many ways, the trio has branded themselves as the anti-WWE. A recent video posted by the Young Bucks saw them turning down an offer to join the WWE roster and they dramatized the refusal in their typical style. The video comes complete with a Triple H impersonator.

As unlikely as it might seem for the WWE to work with The Young Bucks and Cody, it might be exactly what the promotion needs. The WWE could benefit from a fresh take–especially on the creative side. In all honesty, McMahon isn’t likely to relinquish his grip on the promotion, but perhaps creating the illusion that The Young Bucks and Cody have some sway might stir up some interest.

Sound impractical? You’re probably right, but remember this is professional wrestling.