WATCH: Stephen A. Smith Seems to Think Kareem Hunt Is on the Saints

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It’s been a rough few weeks for ESPN analyst Stephen. A. Smith. After he first spoke about Los Angeles Chargers tight end Hunter Henry’s impressive year in December (who missed the entire regular season), things got worse Friday. Just ahead of the NFC and AFC Championship Games, Smith made another blunder.

The analyst was sounding off on the New Orleans Saints and their talented offense and began reeling off a few names. This led to a slip-up which points to Smith apparently believing Kareem Hunt is still in the NFL during a segment on the ‘Stephen A. Smith Show.’ After going through a handful of names, he got to a spot that seemed to belong to Saints running back Alvin Kamara, but things went south.

For what it’s worth, Smith, who was staring down at something for a fair amount of the segment, seems to have just mixed up the names. But the big question is how exactly that happened, considering Hunt isn’t even in the NFL right now and it’s not as if the Saints and Chiefs are playing each other on Sunday.

There’s a chance that NFL fans could see a Saints-Chiefs Super Bowl matchup, but that’s yet to be determined. More importantly, it’s already completely locked in that Hunt won’t be playing in that game either.

Stephen A. Smith’s Comments on Chargers vs. Chiefs

The previous situation involving Smith came prior to a Thursday Night Football matchup in Week 15 between the Chargers and Chiefs. While previewing the game and a few matchups, he talked about a few specific players. This segment came on the popular ESPN show First Take, and the comments on Henry were just a portion of what really stood out.

Beyond that, Smith called Henry’s team the San Diego Chargers and cited his matchup with linebacker Derrick Johnson, who was more recently on the Oakland Raiders than the Chiefs.

“I’m also looking at the San Diego Chargers on offense and I’m thinking about Hunter Henry and the way that he’s played this year and as effective as he’s been. He’s going up against Derrick Johnson and I’ve got to keep my eyes on that.” Smith states.

Both Max Kellerman and Tedy Bruschi seemed to be more than a bit confused by Smith’s segment from December. Unfortunately, there was no one to interject on Hunt taking the place of Kamara during the more recent show.

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