Drew Brees Scar: What Happened to Saints QB’s Face?

drew brees birthmark

Getty Drew Brees has a birthmark on his right cheek.

Drew Brees has had what appears to be a scar on his face well before his college career at Purdue and his NFL tenure with the Saints. There is a birthmark on Brees’ right cheek, and it has been there since he was born.

In an interview with CNN, Brees admitted to getting picked on growing up for having the unique marking on his face. It is something that has caused the Saints quarterback to try to give back to kids who may have something different about their appearance that causes them to be bullied.

Because of my birthmark, which I was obviously born with. I got all kinds of comments when I was a kid. ‘Wipe that whatever off your face.’ This and that. I got all kinds of nicknames. People called me Spot. I think they were trying to be malicious. They were trying to be hurtful. For me, I just tried to get to the point where I just brushed it off.

I just remember my mom telling me when I was a kid, ‘Hey, that’s where an angel kissed you. So, nobody can say anything.’ Which, I guess that’s the way I handled it. That’s the way I kind of compartmentalized it when somebody would say something to me. Maybe used it as motivation

Brees and his wife, Brittany Brees, funded the construction of a New Orleans playground back in 2017. The playground is accessible to children with special needs and others who may not be able to use a traditional playground.

Oprah Once Thought Brees’ Birthmark Was Lipstick

Things got a bit awkward during Brees’ appearance on Oprah’s show. Oprah thought somebody had smeared lipstick on his face, but it was his birthmark. Brees laughed off the moment and started the interview.

The Saints quarterback encouraged people to look out for people who may have something different about them.

“I also understand there’s lots of kids that may have something that somebody is going to make fun of,” Brees told CNN. “Their name. The way they look. The way they talk. The way they laugh. All those things. It’s so unfair but it’s reality so we need to know how to handle it.”

Brees’ life has flipped now that he is an NFL quarterback. Many Saints fans wear stickers or eye black on their cheek as a way of supporting Brees.

“I guess we have come full circle from maybe a little bit of bullying when I was a kid because of the birthmark,” Brees explained to CNN. “And now, people want to emulate that by putting a sticker there or eye black or whatever it is. I think imitation is the greatest form of flattery. When people do that or wear your jersey or whatever it might be it’s because they want to support you.”

You can watch Brees full interview below where the Saints quarterback discusses his birthmark.