Nick Foles Trade Rumors: Is Eagles QB Leaving Philly?

nick foles trade

Getty Nick Foles may not be back with the Eagles next season.

The dramatic Philadelphia Eagles’ season has come to a close causing many to wonder about the future of Nick Foles. The Eagles quarterback just finished up a 2-year, $11 million contract with an out clause for 2019. According to Spotrac, Foles would make $20 million next season if Philadelphia retains him on his current deal.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported on January 6th that the Eagles are likely to explore what the trade market is like for Foles.

While Eagles quarterback Nick Foles takes the field today, the hope in Philadelphia is that any questions about his offseason wait a few weeks. As far as they are concerned, they can discuss it in February.

Whenever it’s over for the Eagles, they will have to address how they are going to move on from Foles and hand the ball back to franchise QB Carson Wentz. And while they have yet to fully dig into the mechanism they’ll use — do they exercise Foles’ $20 million option or franchise-tag him — one aspect is relatively clear.

The Eagles are expected to have a quality trade market for Foles, sources say…

They can tag Foles and trade him, as the Dolphins did with Jarvis Landry last year. They can also exercise his $20 million option, which would lead Foles to buy back his freedom for $2 million, which may lead Philly to tag him anyway.

In the end, a tag may be the best option. Either way, while Foles is due a large pay increase after the way he’s performed the past two seasons, it does seem the Eagles will be able to get paid on him, as well.

The Eagles Have a QB Dilemma With Wentz & Foles

The Eagles might try to downplay the situation, but there is a quarterback controversy in Philadelphia. Last offseason, the Eagles could justify keeping both players since it was not guaranteed that Wentz would be able to play at the beginning of the season. With Foles cap number about to take a jump, the Eagles will have to decide what quarterback they want to lead the team going forward.

Given how much draft capital the team invested in Wentz, it is likely that Foles would be the quarterback on the move. Rapoport’s report indicated the Eagles still believe Wentz is their franchise quarterback despite his recent injuries.

NFL Draft analyst Chad Forbes noted that the market for Foles may be limited given his increase in salary.

“After today’s performance and in general I’d anticipate #Eagles are just like last offseason not intrigued by trade offers on Nick Foles. Last offseason league interest in Foles never really materialized & at half his current 2019 Cap Figure. Will he replicate success elsewhere?” Forbes tweeted.

ESPN reported Eagles head coach Doug Pederson will meet with the players individually on Monday, January 14th, and Foles is expected to be the first person he meets with.