Nick Foles’ Wife, Tori Foles, Uses Platform to Raise Awareness on POTS Disease

tori foles daughter

Getty Nick and Tori Foles pose with their daughter, Lily, at Walt Disney World.

Nick Foles’ wife, Tori (formerly Moore) Foles, is using her platform to raise awareness for those impacted by POTS disease. Many fans became aware of Tori’s health challenges after the Eagles unexpected Super Bowl run in 2018. The couple spent the offseason continuing to spread the message of how difficult it can be for people like Tori who that battle POTS.

Tori and Nick spoke at a summer conference put on by Dysautonomia International. Afterward, Tori posted a lengthy Instagram message about her gratitude for being able to share her story and try to help others who may face some of the same health challenges. Here’s an excerpt from Tori’s Instagram message posted on June 25, 2018.

Thank you to Dysautonomia International for giving us the opportunity to speak about our journey with POTS. We are passionate about creating awareness for an illness that is very misdiagnosed and misunderstood. For me, it was extremely moving to see so many pots patients at the conference who might appear “normal,” but struggle with the illness every day and yet built up the courage to travel to the conference and learn more about how they can improve. I understand firsthand what it’s like to deal with POTS and to feel isolated and frustrated about the lack of answers there are for dealing with it. However, I also know how much I’ve Improved and how investing in educating myself on the body, the mind and nutrition can help. Not only that, but harvesting the will and the desire to keep moving forward and trusting God that He is constantly at work through my weakness allows me to not be victimized by this illness, but to instead keep striving forward….

Tori Uses Social Media to Encourage Others With Healthy Recipes

Tori’s Instagram account is full of pictures of their daughter Lily, but she also uses social media to help provide healthy meal alternatives to those impacted by POTS. One example was additional options for Bulletproof coffee for those that cannot handle the caffeine.

“Check out my favorite EASY morning smoothie on I’ve tried several times to be on the Bulletproof Coffee train because I think it’s incredible, but I just cannot do the caffeine in the coffee due to the condition I deal with-POTS. So, I put the @bulletproof brain octane oil and the collagen protein into my smoothie every morning and I see the same benefits- more mental clarity and energy and better blood sugar regulation because of the amazing fat and protein,” Tori posted along with a picture of the ingredients.

Nick Believes Tori’s Health Challenges Have Brought the Couple Closer

While Tori and Nick would have preferred to have not gone through some of the hardships, the Eagles quarterback believes it has brought them closer.

“It was tough for me because I was still healthy, and I could see what she was going through. But she’s amazing and we’ve grown closer together,” Nick said per CNN.

Tori’s bravery has impacted Nick so much that he dedicated a chapter of his new book to her battle with POTS.

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