Patriots vs. Rams: One Super Bowl Prop Bet Is Already Decided

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The 2019 NFL Super Bowl is just under two weeks away, but the wide-range of prop bets have already been released. While many of the props are toss-ups, and the actual bet on the game itself is a tough one, there’s one option that currently stands out among the rest. And it comes in the form of a Super Bowl prop that’s outcome may be known.

When Odds Shark released their full breakdown of the options available thus far, the one which initially jumped off the page a bit more than others related to food. With the Mercedes-Benz Stadium offering a Chick-fil-A inside, many were curious whether it would be open for the game, considering the franchise is closed on all Sunday’s.

*NOTE: I would not recommend placing this bet simply on the fact that there is already word that the chain will be closed. There are obvious reasons that things can change, and it’s wise to be smart and safe – this article is for entertainment purposes.

Will Chick-fil-A Franchise in Mercedes-Benz Stadium Be Open for Super Bowl?

  • Yes +575
  • No -1100

As you can see, the odds heavily favor it being closed, but even with that being taken into account, this bet apparently has already been decided, barring something late changing.

As Sports Illustrated’s Dan Gartland revealed, the popular chicken sandwich chain will not have its location inside the stadium open for the game. That is unless something unforeseen winds up happening. Gartland does note the following:

“The popular chicken sandwich chain has a location near section 123 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium but it will be closed on Super Bowl Sunday, just as it is on all Sundays.”

“Instead of Chick-fil-A, the stand near section 123 will be open as “Fries Up,” which serves French fries with various toppings.”

Unless “Fries Up” is somehow attached to Chick-fil-A and qualifies as the same as the actual franchise in the stadium, then there seems to be no chance that the “yes” side of the above bet wins.

There’s a very high probability that this bet gets pulled off the board sooner than later, and it actually may be off before this article is even published. Fortunately, there are still a plethora of other prop bets on the Patriots vs. Rams game – both involving off-field action and others relating to the game itself.

Latest Patriots vs. Rams Point Spread

After the betting line on the Super Bowl opened with the Rams as roughly one point favorites, that shifted quickly. Odds Shark detailed the opening line but then proceeded to reveal that the Patriots had jumped to two or three-point favorites in the game, depending on where you look.

That’s where the number has remained, and it seems NFL fans were impressed with the overtime victory by Tom Brady and company. There’s a high probability that the line will again be on the move sooner than later, but whether it moves back towards the Rams or more in favor of the Patriots is the big question.

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