Antonio Brown Trade Talk: Steelers WR Scaring Teams Off With Tweets?

Antonio Brown

Getty Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown hasn’t shown interest in biting his tongue on social media this offseason. In turn, his demand to be traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers has taken center stage, even if nothing has come of it to this point. The All-Pro wide receiver has remained active on social media while responding to fans and even thanking Steeler Nation before a trade has even seemingly come close to happening.

While Brown’s push to be moved out of Pittsburgh doesn’t appear to be something that will change, his use of Twitter to publicly voice his opinion is reportedly making a negative impact. As Peter King wrote in his Football Morning in America article on Pro Football Talk, at least one team has been scared off by Brown’s tweets and there could be others.

“I think the more Antonio Brown tweets, the more he scares off potential suitors. (That’s not just something I think. In the case of one team, it’s something I know.)” King wrote.

On the surface, this may seem like something that wouldn’t scare a team away from pursuing a seven-time Pro Bowler with over 11,000 career receiving yards, but it apparently has. Obviously, the exact impact his social media comments will have on future trade talks is unknown, but the tweets have almost all gone viral.

Antonio Brown’s Recent Tweets Relating to Steelers

Brown has discussed a wide range of topics, and it began with him thanking Steelers fans, which pointed to the end of his tenure with the team. From there, he proceeded to call out quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and send multiple other cryptic tweets. Here’s a look at a handful of comments from his timeline.

Antonio Brown’s Potential Landing Spots via Trade

There could be a number of teams who put some type of offer on the table for Brown, but nothing official in terms of trade specifics has come to light thus far. With that said, there have been a few interesting rumors that stand out on the topic. Most recently, Albert Breer of The MMQB addressed the situation.

While Breer stated that there has been no communication between Brown and the Steelers, he cited a few teams who have been linked as potential trade candidates, per Sports Illustrated.

“Where he would potentially go, the teams I’ve heard – San Francisco [49ers], Washington [Redskins]. One I would just sort of keep an eye on here in the periphery would be the Oakland Raiders. Just because there’s a need for a number one receiver there, Jon Gruden has actually stated that we need a number one receiver.” Breer stated.

“Gruden’s always had an affinity for veteran players, Antonio Brown obviously is in his 30’s and the contract is palatable – $39 million over the next three years. And, the Raiders have three first round picks, so they have some disposable draft capital there.”

Any of the teams listed in the 49ers, Redskins or Raiders would make sense. All three need help at receiver and as far as Oakland goes, Jon Gruden has shown virtually no issue with making a splash during his first year back on the sidelines.

For the time being, it’ll simply be a waiting game to see how the situation between Brown and the Steelers plays out.

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