Phillip Dorsett Girlfriend: Is the Patriots Wide Receiver Dating Anyone?

Philipp Dorsett girlfriend


Phillip Dorsett has played wide receiver for the New England Patriots since 2017. Dorsett has been making some big plays for the Pats and could be a key player in today’s Super Bowl.

For those wondering about Dorsett’s personal life, the 26-year-old doesn’t appear to have a girlfriend or a wife. Dorsett is fairly active on Instagram but his account is filled with photos and videos of his dad, mom, and sister. He hasn’t posted to his account since December 15.

He’s Very Close to His Family

Dorsett grew up surrounded by family. He is very close to them and has posted about his mom, dad, and sister on Instagram in the past.

“Growing up, my dad had 10 brothers and sisters. We have a big family and we’re all very close. Applying this bond to football has been invaluable. In everything you do, you represent your family. I try to represent mine with the utmost respect. I have never been in trouble or done anything that would disgrace my family — and that isn’t going to change. I will bring that same sense of respect to your organization,” Dorsett wrote in a piece for the Player’s Tribune back in 2015.

Not much has changed since then. Dorsett has a lot of love and respect for his parents, whom he often credits for his success. Back in 2015, Dorsett posted a photo of his parents with the caption, “This is why I do it… To repay them with whatever they want.”

He’s Focused on Football

Dorsett seems to be focused on football and has his eye on the ultimate prize — a Super Bowl win. He is jibing with his team and had made some exceptional plays. His game has been praised by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who spoke out earlier this season about Dorsett.

“Phil did a good job. He made some good plays. He’s done a good job through the spring and through training camp. He’s been dependable, he’s been out there, and it’s been great to watch. We got him (just before the season) last year, and I think he’s just been grinding it out, trying to find a role. He’s done a great job with his opportunities,” Brady told reporters in the pre-season.

Dorsett could be clutch in Super Bowl LIII; he’s had one touchdown in each of the Pats’ post-season games so far. He’s been checking out the competition — specifically the Los Angeles Rams — all season.

“There’s only two teams left standing, so you’ve got to enjoy it, but I’ve been looking [at the Rams]. I’ve been looking all season. I’m a fan of the game. I like the way they play football. I mean, the Rams have been a really good team the whole season, obviously offensively, defensively and on special teams. I tried to watch as much of the NFC championship game as I could. I had it on my phone watching it while I was on the bus [headed to Arrowhead Stadium],” he told reporters ahead of today’s big game.

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