Bill Walton Sets Twitter Ablaze Again With Oregon vs ASU Commentary

Bill Walton Commentary Twitter Oregon vs ASU

Getty Follow twitters reaction to Bill Waltons hysterical commentary in the Oregon vs ASU game.

Just one night after going on an epic Winnie the Pooh rant in the Pac-12 tournament, Bill Walton was back on his A-game in the Pac-12 semifinal matchup between Oregon and FSU. With a laundry list of hilarious moments that set Twitter ablaze, Walton has cemented himself as must-watch late-night basketball television.

Bill Walton Oregon vs ASU Commentary & Quotes: Twitter Reactions

Kicking things off, the Athletic’s Aaron Torres highlighted how Bill somehow mistook the New York-New York casino and hotel with the actual statue of liberty.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be a Bill Walton broadcast without him working on his moves for the post-game Vegas club scene.

How else would you prepare for a nationally televised broadcast besides casually throwing back some fire to get the juices flowing?

Bill Walton has no time for math! There are Dead shows to attend and fire to eat!

I love you Bill, but this is all too accurate to not include here…

Would it really be a Bill Walton broadcast without his undying love of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead making an appearance?

Bill Walton’s Commentary Career

After an illustrious college career followed by an injury-riddled, yet legendary NBA career, Walton eventually took his talents to the broadcast booth in 1990. Initially signing on with CBS, Walton would expand to work with NBC, the Los Angeles Clippers, and ESPN over the next 19 years.

However, in 2009 Walton stepped down from broadcasting duties to focus on his health before later returning to the booth in 2012 to call games for ESPN and the Pac-12 network. Since then, Walton has become somewhat of an internet sensation for his comedic rapport with broadcast partner Dave Pasch and the two are known for their hilarious banter on live air.

Other Notable Bill Walton Commentary Moments

Bill Walton’s broadcast career has been littered with absolute gems over the years. A free-spirit unafraid to speak his mind and known for going off topic on long-winded rants, let’s take a look at some of Walton’s best moments from his commentary career.

Arguably Bill Walton’s most famous on-air rant, he gave a shoutout to Raekwon and the Wu-Tang Clan during a USC vs UNC-Asheville broadcast.

Also known for his pre-recorded segments that air during games, Walton has provided some gems from outside the booth as well. He loves to compare players to the animal kingdom and gave a famously hysterical (yet not totally inaccurate) scouting report on Deandre Ayton last season

Safe to say, while Walton often tends to stray away from giving commentary on the actual game itself, his broadcasts are some of the best comedy going in college basketball.

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