Celtics Rumors: Adding Kevin Durant ‘Not Impossible’ Says Analyst

Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant

Getty Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving and Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant

The speculation over the future of Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant is only going to heat up as time rolls on. Each day that passes means we’re one step closer to free agency and to Durant having to make a big decision. And while the New York Knicks have consistently appeared to be a likely landing spot, an additional option in the Boston Celtics was tossed out recently.

While there’s no report linking this to happening, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst made an interesting point when he joined The Jump to address Durant.

“It’s not impossible for the Celtics to get their hands on Kevin Durant this offseason … They have the assets to trade for Anthony Davis. Kevin Durant can be signed and traded … remember that the team that finished in second place when he signed with the Warriors was Boston. When people look at Kyrie and KD, I think they automatically assume it’s just going to be New York, there’s other teams out there that can do it.”

Here’s a look at the clip from the show, starting at the point in which Windhorst made the comments.

Talk of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant Teaming Up

This entire situation stems largely from the fact that Irving and Durant are friends and there’s been chatter that they could potentially team up on the Knicks. New York was a popular choice for a number of reasons, but specifically due to the fact that they’ll have two max contract slots and a big-market appeal for players.

Whether or not this has a real chance to pan out is the question, but Windhorst is spot on with the fact that the Celtics have the pieces to put together a trade offer for Durant. In turn, this would also benefit the Warriors if that played out, as they’d avoid losing their star forward without getting anything back in return.

Odds on Kevin Durant’s 2019 Team

In an interesting twist, back when the odds came out on where Durant would play in the 2019-20 season, it wasn’t the Warriors, Knicks or Celtics leading the way. These odds come from January 15 and were revealed by Odds Shark (from MyBookie), and feature the Los Angeles Lakers at the top of the list. Just behind them sits the Warriors and then the Knicks, followed by a big drop in odds.

  • Lakers +175
  • Warriors +200
  • Knicks +300
  • Thunder +700
  • Clippers +900
  • Heat +1000
  • Pelicans +1500
  • Rockets +1500
  • Field +300

At that time, the Celtics weren’t even considered in the mix. When the offseason rolls around, it’ll be worth monitoring to see if that changes.

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