Kevin Durant’s Bald Spot Has Twitter Pulling No Punches on Warriors Star

Kevin Durant

Getty Kevin Durant

Social media pulled no punches as usual when it came to the topic of a big-name professional athlete who was in the national spotlight. But instead of anything that had to do with the on-court play or even something off the court from Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant, Twitter had a very different angle to take Tuesday.

Early in the team’s game against the Boston Celtics, the attention was on Durant’s hair. Or more specifically, his bald spot. It got caught on camera during the first half of action, and the comments from fans poured in. They even included a comparison to LeBron James’ bald spot, which I guess shouldn’t be considered all that surprising.

In case you didn’t get a look at it, one fan made sure that didn’t remain the case for long, as a photo was posted on Twitter during the game.

As seen above, things got a bit intense, but it seems this actually isn’t the first time that Durant’s bald spot has been a talking point. For some of us, though, it was simply never noticed before.

Kevin Durant’s Hair Was Noticed Last Game

For whatever reason, this was caught by quite a few people previously, as there was a photo from the Warriors game against the Philadelphia 76ers which grabbed attention. On a play when Ben Simmons dunked, the back of Durant’s head was spotted in a photo, and not surprisingly, social media hit their stride.

The original responses ranged from some people telling the NBA star to embrace it, while others asked about how this wasn’t a bigger talking point before this season.

As much trolling as Twitter opted to do, there’s no denying that Durant is still thriving and playing at an exceptional level, even after turning 30. He’s having his best season in the past three years from a scoring perspective while continuing to shoot at an exceptionally high mark.

Through the first 62 games of the 2018-19 season, Durant has posted marks of 27.6 points, 6.9 rebounds and 5.8 assists per game. He’s shooting 51.3 percent from the field, which is his seventh consecutive season at 50 percent or better. By far the most important aspect of Durant’s success is the fact that his team holds the No. 1 seed in a tough Western Conference with the NBA playoffs just around the corner.

Bald spot or not, Durant is putting up numbers and his team is winning games. Don’t fix what’s not broken.

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