Kevin Durant to Knicks? Bill Simmons ‘Stunned’ If KD Is Not in New York

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Getty Kevin Durant did not receive a max offer from the Knicks

Despite Kevin Durant’s recent frustration over the questions about his upcoming free agency, rumors linking him with the New York Knicks will not go away. Bill Simmons noted on his recent podcast that he would be “stunned” if Durant did not sign with the Knicks based on what he heard in Charlotte during All-Star Weekend.

“Do they not realize that when they move the whole business operation to New York City, everybody is kind of like ‘Oh, so this is a done deal?'” Ryen Russillo responded on the same podcast.

The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami reported during a Q & A session that it is looking more likely that Durant will not be back with Golden State.

“I’ve said 50-50 on Durant since last summer and I’ve adjusted due to recent events to about 40-60 against him coming back to the Warriors next season,” Kawakami noted on The Athletic. “Just too much evidence pointing in the other direction, though obviously things always can change. I have always believed that Klay will sign a long-term deal this summer with the Warriors.”

The Durant situation is starting to look eerily similar to what happened with LeBron James and the Lakers. James was linked to Los Angeles for well over a year before he actually signed with the Lakers. Warriors fans are hoping it plays out like Paul George who re-signed with the Thunder after months of speculation that he was also headed to the Lakers.

Zach Lowe Reported Kristaps Porzingis Did Not Want to Play With Kevin Durant

ESPN’s Zach Lowe reported Kristaps Porzingis would not have been “psyched” to play with Kevin Durant. There is some speculation that this played a role in the Knicks’ decision to trade Porzingis to the Mavs.

“I don’t think he was psyched about playing with Durant,” Lowe said, per Hoops Hype. “I don’t know how directly that was verbalized to the Knicks, but I’m confident that it wasn’t something that was his Plan A, he wanted to be the face of the franchise.”

Kawakami also reported Durant does not appear to have the same relationship he once did with Draymond Green.

“We only see a fraction of the actual time these players are together, but I would say that what you are noticing is what a lot of people are noticing,” Kawakami noted. “Doesn’t mean they don’t chatter up constantly when we’re not looking, but usually what we see is a general representation of how it’s going between teammates. I do not believe Durant and Draymond spend as much time together as they used to.”

Kevin Durant Is Focused on the “Day to Day”

As for Durant, the Warriors star continues to emphasize that he is focused on this season and winning another title for the Warriors.

“It … it doesn’t. Like I said, I’m just focused on the day to day,” Durant said, per NBC Sports. “How can I be the best player I can be? Can this environment help me be the best player than I can be every day? Am I still learning? Am I still having fun being a student of the game? Just the small stuff that I try to [think about], to make sure I have everything covered so I can be the best I can be on the court.”