Le’Veon Bell’s Album: How to Listen to ‘Life’s a Gamble’ Mixtape

leveon bell mixtape

Getty LeVeon Bell dropped his new album "Life's a Gamble."

Le’Veon Bell dropped a rap album and signed with a new team all at the same time. Bell’s new mixtape “Life’s a Gamble” is available to listen for free on Spotify. Fans can also purchase it through iTunes or listen via Apple Music if you have a subscription.

Bell’s SoundCloud page currently only has his older music posted. Bell gave fans a sample of what they can hear on the album in this Instagram video.

Bell also announced his decision to sign with the Jets on Instagram along with a shoutout to his new album just after midnight.

“Lets goooo!!!! ✈️✈️✈️ “Life’s A Gamble” OUT ON ALL PLATFORMS,” Bell posted on Instagram.

During a 2018 interview with Billboard, Bell noted he was surprised his Steelers teammates did not support his music more.

“It wasn’t even about the contract,” Bell noted to Billboard. “Obviously, like, when I was first making music — when I said that line, that’s how I felt at the time. People weren’t like — even my own teammates — weren’t necessarily posting my music, or pushing my music… ‘coz everybody kinda figured it was a joke.”

Some fans have already expressed their support for the new album.

“Listening to @LeVeonBell new album. I AM NOT just saying this but give it a listen. I think it will surprise you🔥🔥🔥. And that’s “on me” ✊🏾 lol,” Mike Mitchell tweeted.

Le’Veon Bell Believes He Is the Best-Rapping Athlete

Bell’s main job may be football, but the running back is quite confident in his skills on the mic. Bell admitted he thinks he is the best-rapping athlete.

“Oh man, I think Damian Lillard makes good music,” Bell explained to Billboard. “He has bars… Melvin Ingram is pretty good too, he has a nice little couple songs that I heard…Oh yeah, hands down [number one athlete rapper]. I don’t even think it’s close… I can give you lyrical songs, hits, club, strip club, mood music… it’s so much different styles. A lot of guys, like, one lane is what they’re good at.”

Here’s a look at the track list for “Life’s a Gamble.”

Le’Veon Bell’s “Life’s a Gamble” Album Track List

1. Lotto 2:20
2. Talk of the Town 3:16
3. Large Amounts 3:09
4. Free at Last 2:16
5. She Loves My Drip 2:13
6. One of Me 3:05
7. Addicted to You 3:05
8. Overrated 3:37
9. On Me 3:10
10. Say No More 3:11
11. Gas on E 2:40
12. Vvs 3:21