Lonzo Ball Holding LaVar Accountable for Big Baller Brand, Says Analyst

Lonzo Ball Lavar Ball Big Baller Brand

Getty Lonzo Ball of the Los Angeles Lakers, who is involved in controversy surrounding Big Baller Brand.

Lavar Ball and Stephen A. Smith have long butted heads in the sports media world as two of the most vocal and polarizing personalities. In light of the recent scandal surrounding Big Baller Brand, Lonzo Ball severed ties with BBB co-founder Alan Foster after reports that nearly $1.5 million went missing from the company.

With Foster on the way out and the future of Big Baller Brand up in the air, rumors were flying around about the potential fallout from the matter and what the future for Lonzo Ball and BBB held.

Lonzo Ball Holding LaVar Accountable for Big Baller Brand, Says Analyst

Stephen A. Smith, usually known for his hot takes, actually had a very level headed and respectful take on the situation, especially regarding the familial aspect of the situation, going as far as to say:

“This is clearly about their relationship with their dad, in some fashion they appear to be holding him somewhat accoutnable for this. I dont know the details but you have people out there speculating this could be smoke and mirrors and something else could be coming down the pipe where they’ll collaborate with one another. I dont know, maybe thats true. But the way it looks right now in terms of their zest to dissasociate themselves from their father – i think one article used the word ‘estranged’ – the fact that you’ve got all three kids now, TOGETHER, and its on the opposite page of their dad, it makes for a very unconfomrtable situation and i dont think any of us should go beyond saying that.”

The biggest takeaway from the quote is the likely accurate assumption that Lonzo Ball is beginning to hold his father accountable as Foster was a long-time friend of Lavar Ball. Outside of concrete reports that Ball has severed ties with Foster, the only actual facts we have are from ESPN’s Ramona Shelbourne that the Ball family met to discuss the future of Big Baller Brand and what to do about Foster moving forward.

Lonzo Ball’s Manager Dumps Z02’s Amidst Speculation of Lonzo and LaMelo Joining Nike

Shorlty after news broke regarding Alan Foster and the reported missing $1.5 Million, Lonzo Ball’s manager uploaded a video of him dumping a pair of Z02’s in the trash alongside the hashtag #dumpurmerch.

All signs appear to Lonzo and younger brother LaMelo joining Nike but at the time of this writing, Big Baller Brand’s website is still up and running and no reports have come out indicating that it is planning to close it’s doors for good. Foster owns 16.3% of the company.