Tom Izzo Salary: How much does the MSU coach make?

Tom Izzo MSU Coach Salary

Getty Head coach Tom Izzo of the Michigan State Spartans, who commands the largest salary in the Big Ten.

One of college basketball’s most well-known postseason coaches, Tom Izzo has led Michigan State to heaps of NCAA tournament success during his 24-year tenure in Lansing.

With seven Final Four appearances (maybe another on the way) and one NCAA championship to his name, Izzo boasts one of the strongest postseason resumes in the college game. Given his reputation for winning when it counts most, it only makes sense that the MSU coach commands a hefty salary.

So, how much does the MSU coach make?

Tom Izzo Salary

According to USA Today, Tom Izzo has the third highest salary in college basketball, taking home $4,157,562 this year. Trailing only Kentucky’s John Calipari ($9,276,643) and Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski ($7,048,206), Izzo’s salary ranks the highest among fellow Big Ten coaches. Michigan’s John Belien ($3,800,000) and Indiana’s Archi Miller ($3,250,000) are relatively close, no other head coach in the conference comes remotely close to Izzo’s salary.

Interestingly, Izzo’s base school pay of $3,732,562 only ranks ninth and actually falls behind Belien. However, Izzo has pulled in enough in bonuses to claw himself up to the third highest paid coach in the nation. Not included in the calculation are performance bonuses paid out to Izzo by Nike. Izzo receives additional bonuses for making the Final Four ($25,000) and for winning the national championship ($50,000).

Tom Izzo Contract

Currently, Tom Izzo is signed under contract to coach for Michigan State through 2024. While previously being under contract through 2023, in 2017, Kyle Austin of Mlive reported that Michigan State had decided to extend Izzo’s contract another year.

The extension fits in with something Tom Izzo actually said during Michigan State’s Midnight Madness back in 2016 when he told the crowd he felt he had around five to seven good years left in him. It will be interesting to see if Izzo decides to keep coaching longer like contemporaries Jim Boeheim and Mike Krzyzewski.

Even if Izzo decides to hang things up when his contract runs out in 2024, his incredible run at Michigan State will cement him as one of the best coaches to ever grace the hardwood.