No, Tommy Fleetwood Is Not Related to Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac

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Getty Tommy Fleetwood is not related to Mick Fleetwood.

As Tommy Fleetwood continues his stellar play on the golf course, some fans are wondering about his connection to musician Mick Fleetwood. Tommy is not related to Mick of Fleetwood Mac fame. The golfer noted in a recent interview with ASAP Sports that he is not related to Mick but does enjoy the music.

Q. I know you must get asked this a lot, but a lot of people don’t know Tommy Fleetwood. Are you a fan of the old music group Fleetwood Mac, and is there any distant relation to Mick Fleetwood?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Who doesn’t know Tommy Fleetwood?

Q. I was hoping there was —
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I am a Fleetwood Mac fan. I like the albums.

Q. But there’s no relation?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: No. I don’t have any musical talents. I didn’t pick up that one. But they are a very good band.

Mick is the drummer and co-founder of the rock band Fleetwood Mac. The drummer spoke with Billboard about the departure of Lindsey Buckingham prior to their 2018 tour.

We’re very excited. Obviously this is a huge change with the advent of Lindsey Buckingham not being a part of Fleetwood Mac. We all wish him well and all the rest of it. In truthful language, we just weren’t happy. And I’ll leave it at that in terms of the dynamic. And he’s going out on the road more or less the same time I think — not in the same places, I hope (laughs)…

Tommy Fleetwood’s Signature Hair Would Go Well With Fleetwood Mac

If Fleetwood Mac did need an extra member for the band, Tommy looks the part more than most golfers thanks to his signature long hair. According to The Globe and Mail, Tiger Woods was surprised to learn that Tommy does get his hair cut.

The look – and accent – is more late Beatle George Harrison than button-down country clubber. The first time Fleetwood had a conversation with Tiger Woods – who invited him to his tournament in the Bahamas last December – the host asked him when he was going to get his hair cut.

“Actually I had my hair cut yesterday or the day before,” Fleetwood said. “And he didn’t believe me.”

Tommy wants to be known for his play on the golf course, but he understands that his long hair is recognizable.

“You want to win and you want to be remembered for winning, and that’s what it is all about,” Tommy told Golf by Tour Miss. “But in saying that I’ve also got a lot more hair (smiling) and it’s the only way people recognize me.”

Tommy Fleetwood Is From Southport, England

Tommy grew up in Southport, England and now calls Knutsford, England home. When the 2017 British Open made its way to Southport, Tommy noted that it felt like a home game for him.

“I’ll have the most support I’ve ever had in my life, from people I’ve grown up with, friends, family, you name it,” Tommy told “It’s going to be a different experience, for sure.”

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