Avengers Endgame End Credits: What Gets Teased for Future Movies?

Getty Marvel Studios' "Avengers: Endgame" stars President of Marvel Studios/Producer Kevin Feige, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo at the Hand And Footprint Ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre on April 23, 2019 in Hollywood, California.

Marvel movies practically invented the end credits scene. After Iron Man in 2008, Nick Fury approached Tony Stark to talk about the Avengers Initiative. After Incredible Hulk the next year, Stark talks to Colonel Ross about it, as well.

The list of end credits scenes is vast, numerous and capable of bringing up plenty of fond memories. While the end credits in Avengers: Endgame provide no teasers, the fond memories will flow for Marvelites that traveled the cosmos with these characters for the last decade-plus.

First off, before going any further, MAJOR SPOILER WARNING for the newest Avengers movie. After discussing the end credits, I will discuss what is teased in the final dramatic beats of the 3-hour marathon of comic book glory.

Avengers: Endgame End Credits Scene Explanation

There is no ending credits scene. Not in the middle or the end. You should remain in your seats for at least a few minutes, because there is a load of nostalgia ready to transmit into your eyeballs.

As the credits begin, images flash of character after character with the actor next to it. This is pretty standard. However, the initial Avengers from the 2012 movie get special treatment.

Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johannson, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jr. have their respective autographs appear superimposed in front of them posing for the camera. In the background are images of their respective characters in their most iconic shots.

The emotional music cements this part of the credits as a true celebration of the actors that started the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What Gets Teased at the End of the Movie?

SPOILERS…the Avengers defeat Thanos and his army on Earth after a large-scale battle. Natasha Romanoff was forced to sacrifice herself to retrieve the Soul Stone for Clint Barton earlier in the movie, while Tony Stark eliminates Thanos’ army with a gauntlet he built to house all the Infinity Stones.

After that rousing conclusion, various characters get to wrap up their stories. The most prominent changes for the future of the MCU are with Thor, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers and Valkyrie.

First, Thor (now with a beer belly to work off) joins the Guardians of the Galaxy and is set to have an alpha-male competition with Peter Quill for control of the team. He relinquishes rule over Asgard to Valkyrie before leaving on the Milano, the Guardians’ spaceship.

There’s one complication: Gamora is not with them. Based on the time travel portrayed in the movie, she does not know who Quill and the others are, so she has run off after the battle on Earth. The conflict of the future Guardians movies will likely be between Starlord and Thor, as well as a search to bring Gamora back into the fold.

For the Captain America arc, Rogers chooses to stay back in time so he can have the last dance he always wanted with the love of his life Peggy Carter. He returns to the present day as an old man and gives the shield to Wilson, turning Falcon into the new Captain America.

That doesn’t rule out future Steve Rogers adventures in the past (through Chris Evans contract is up with Marvel), but the future Captain America movies are set to feature Wilson learning on the job (without the superhuman serum).

Those are the big ones. Black Panther returns to Wakanda. Ant Man and the Wasp are reunited in San Francisco. Captain Marvel is presumably off fighting battles elsewhere. Scarlet Witch could be doing anything.

Basically, some future movies are set up, but there’s room for future creative decisions. Just how Kevin Feige wants it.