Brandy Pearl, Bruce’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

brandy pearl

Twitter Bruce Pearl pictured with his wife, Brandy Pearl.

Bruce Pearl’s wife, Brandy Pearl, has been a big part of the Auburn program. The couple got married in 2009 after Bruce split with ex-wife Kim Shrigley. Bruce has four kids from his first marriage: Jacqui, Michael, Leah and Steven. Brandy spoke with WVLT TV back when Bruce was the head coach at Tennessee.

“I think God put him in my life because we just complement each other very well, we understand each other and we make it work,” Brandy explained to WVLT. “We’re a good team. I get excited and I get nervous, but I keep myself composed.”

Bruce is proud of his family as his Twitter bio references.

Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Auburn University Husband to my beautiful wife Brandy and Father to my players and 4 incredible kids, Jacqui, Steven, Leah, Mike

Learn more about Bruce’s wife, Brandy.

1. Bruce Calls Brandy His “Best & Most Trusted Friend”

Bruce and Brandy got married in 2009. The Auburn coach took to Twitter back in 2016 to post a photo from their wedding day and share some kind words about his wife.

“Seven years ago I promised God to Love and Honor Brandy. She is my best and most trusted friend! Beautiful woman!” Bruce tweeted.

2. The Couple Are Part Owners of an Auburn Dog Boarding & Grooming Business

The couple is part owners of an Auburn boarding and grooming business. Brandy has a particular affinity for dogs and wanted to get involved in the business.

“Brandy actually prefers dogs to people,” Bruce joked to OA Now. “…I have a love of pets, but I have a lot more love of wife. But it’s also a great investment in our community, and we love our community. This community is fantastic, we love living here, and I would love to coach at Auburn as long as they’ll have me.”

OA Now detailed how Brandy initially became interested in the dog business.

Brandy explained she became intrigued with the idea of Grove Bark Inn when hearing April talk about her and Steve’s dreams to expand their mobile business with a luxury grooming and boarding facility that would stand out from ordinary pet care.

“I said ‘hmm, I want to be part of this,’” Brandy said. “It sounds like an interesting idea.”

3. Bruce & Brandy Sold Their Knoxville Home for $882,000

According to the Knoxville News, the couple sold their Knoxville home in 2018 for $882,000. The Pearls originally paid $1.1 million for the house back in 2014. Bruce was formally the coach at the University of Tennessee, but was fired in 2011. Bruce’s realtor noted that the former Vols coach had a hard time giving up his ties to the Knoxville community.

“He had a hard time letting go of Knoxville and wanted to invest in real estate,” Debbie Elliott-Sexton told Knoxville News. “The last time we had a lease, at the end of it he said, ‘Let’s go ahead and sell it.’ ”

4. Bruce’s Daughter, Leah, Works for Turner Sports

Brandy was with the Auburn team on Selection Sunday back in 2018. Bruce’s daughter, Leah, was a little busy with her work at Turner Sports.

“They grew up that way. And so my children, with the exception of Leah, who’s working for Turner (and) she’s got to work this weekend in the studio, my kids will all be there,” Bruce noted to the Montgomery Advertiser. “My wife Brandy will be there. Our family will be there. And so will the families of all of our coaches. This is something that these guys have earned, and we’ll do it together.”

Leah is a talent coordinator for Turner Broadcasting and graduated from the University of Cincinnati, per the Montgomery Advertiser.

5. Bruce’s Ex-Wife, Kim Shrigley, Opened a Salon Called Alimony’s After Their Divorce

Kim Shrigley put her Alimony to good useKim Shrigley, the ex-wife of UT basketball coach Bruce Pearl, talks about her new beauty salon Alimony's. Shrigley said she opened the salon with her alimony money.2008-11-26T20:36:58.000Z

Bruce’s ex-wife, Kim, garnered national attention when she opened a salon called Alimony’s in Knoxville after their divorce. The salon closed in 2013 as it was not bringing in enough business, per Knoxville News.

“You feel so rotten after you get divorced, you really do,” Kim told WVLT TV after the salon first opened. “Your hair and nails are the kinds of stuff that can make you feel better. The name is how I was able to put this together. Alimony is a fact of life if you’re not married and you’re divorced.”

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