Gabby Engersgaard, D’Angelo Russell’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts

Instagram D'Angelo Russell with girlfriend Gabby Engersgaard

D’Angelo Russell has a lot going right for him in his life at the moment. The Nets guard made the All-Star team this past season by averaging over 21 points and 7 assists per game.

He also is the straw that stirs the drink for a Brooklyn frontcourt that pounced on a distracted Sixers group in Game One of the Eastern Conference 1st round. It was the first playoff win for the franchise since 2015 (a 1st round exit to the Hawks).

The cherry on top? He’s dating the stunning Gabriella “Gabby” Engersgaard. Here’s what you need to know about her.

1. Engersgaard and Russell Have Kept Most of Their Relationship Private

Russell hasn’t mentioned much of anything in public about his relationship to Engersgaard. They have been spotted around New York since last June.

The most evidence of how they spend time together is found on Engersgaard’s private Instagram account. Terez Owens posted many pictures of the couple relaxing on the beach or high up in Russell’s apartment overlooking the city.

A potential explanation for their privacy? Russell has experienced some public drama about his relationships in the past. While he played for Los Angeles back in 2017, he dated former USC volleyball player Niki Withers. When he got traded to Brooklyn, then seen as a downward move due to prestige and team record, she tweeted “LOL” at him.

So far, Russell and Engersgaard have avoided such publicity.

2. Engersgaard is a Recent Graduate of High Point University

While her age is not public, Engersgaard earned her undergraduate degree from High Point University per her LinkedIn page. The school is a Methodist college based out of the town of the same name in North Carolina. She lists a degree in Criminal Justice.

She also graduated from the Academy of Saint Elizabeth, a Roman Catholic girl’s prep school in Morristown (N.J.) in 2015. She lists her current residence as South Orange (N.J.), so this proximity to Brooklyn explains her ability to date Russell when she’s not in school.

Also, since she didn’t take any gaps between secondary and college educations, that places her age around the early-to-mid 20s.

3. She’s Worked in a Few Entry-Level Fashion Jobs

Her LinkedIn page also lists a pair of jobs related to the fashion industry. In the summer of 2016, she worked as a Sales Representative for Oasis Fashions in Montclair (N.J.). She cites her responsibilities as:

Assisted clients with selecting outfits, jewelry, and handbags for any occasion
Cleaned the offices, managed merchandise, and worked closely with all staff and clientele.

When she’s in High Point, she earns income as a Greeter at Four Hands, a design furniture store. While there, she “greets and directs buyers upon entering the showroom” and “matches sales representatives from territories around the country to their prospective buyers.”

She also volunteered with Habitat for Humanity for a month in the final semester of her senior year at Saint Elizabeth in 2015. She headed to Guatemala:

Built homes made of cinderblock with no power tools. Developed a relationship with the community where we built and continue to maintain that relationship.

4. She Was Featured on Total Frat Move’s Instagram Page

Total Frat Move is a site owned by Grandex Media with a tagline that reads: “College today makes Animal House look like a Pixar movie. See what’s happening on campuses across the country and submit your best photos and videos for a chance to be featured.”

The site is a repository for extreme college stories and pictures of attractive college students. Engersgaard appeared on the site’s Instagram page in September 2016, a little less than two years before dating Russell.

5. Russell’s Dating History Has Been Fairly Publicized Prior to Engersgaard

Withers was not the only public relationship news for Russell. According to the New York Post, he also had alleged flings with Kendall Jenner and AfterBuzz TV host Jennifer Leon.

Russell, 21, was first linked to Withers last summer following a rumored fling with Kendall Jenner, who also dated his now-former Lakers teammate Jordan Clarkson. Withers hinted at relationship troubles with Russell in September after the NBA star was spotted cozying up to television host Jennifer Leon.

“don’t try to have a conversation with me I’m not responding,” Withers tweeted. “im not friendly.”

Like Withers, one of Russell’s next girlfriends was former Cal State-Stanislaus volleyball player Janay Bankston. Per TMZ Sports, the former couple appeared at the premiere of the movie “War Dogs.”

As for Russell and Bankston, they were first seen together at the “War Dogs” premiere in LA back in August … and their relationship seems to be, really, really good … unlike that movie.

For now, Russell is focused on the playoffs. Should the season end in the next few weeks, he probably will be spending his break on the water with Engersgaard.