Kyle Guy Posts Photo of Adorable New Puppy on Instagram

kyle guy dog

Getty Kyle Guy pictured with his adorable new puppy.

Kyle Guy has been one of the major stories of March Madness, but it is his new puppy that has everyone talking. Guy posted a photo of his new puppy Kenai back in February.

“Kenai (Kee-Nye) Joseph Guy Welcome to the family ???,” Guy’s caption read.

You can scroll through the adorable puppy photos below.

Streaking the Lawn provides a bit of context to Kenai’s name.

First, Kyle and Kenai share a middle name, which is incredible. Joseph is also Kyle’s father’s name, so it’s great to see him passing down the legacy to the young pup.

Guy posted a few photos of the new pup including one with his fiance Alexa Jenkins. Guy and Jenkins are planning a wedding for this summer as Kenai joins the family. Guy’s future wedding created a bit of controversy after rumors swirled that the NCAA ruled their wedding registry was a violation.

The NCAA has denied that they told Guy to take down the wedding registry, but Jenkins initially noted on Twitter that they had to make the Crate and Barrel list private. Apparently, it was just miscommunication as Jenkins later explained.

“So annoyed this is even news when they have a real life game happening in two days ? just misscommination between compliance & the NCAA …. but toaster please,” Jenkins tweeted.

Guy Noted “We Dream of These Moments” After Hitting Game-Winning Free Throw Against Auburn

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A post shared by Kyle J Guy (@kylejguy5) on Apr 6, 2019 at 7:21pm PDT

Guy’s Instagram is full of photos of his girlfriend along with a lot of Virginia basketball content. After Guy nailed the game-winning free throw to send Virginia to the Final Four, the Cavaliers had the perfect response.

“Speechless,” Guy posted on Instagram.

Guy was able to overcome an immense amount of pressure to sink three free throws to defeat Auburn. After the game, Guy spoke with ESPN about his mindset heading to the line.

“That was me focusing,” Guy told ESPN. “I knew they called a foul. I knew that I got behind the line for three shots because I practiced that. I just literally told myself that we dream of these moments, and to be able to make one happen was special…Yeah, I didn’t want to have anything to do with my teammates or coaches at that time. I just wanted to be in my own space. I knew they had confidence in me; I just needed to build up my own. And we all practiced those shots as a kid. They were probably a little bit more spectacular than free throws, but whatever it takes to win.”

Last season, Virginia became the first No. 1 seed to lose to a No. 16 seed. Guy has a UMBC logo as his phone’s wallpaper as a reminder of the difficult loss as USA Today detailed.

Guy, who has kept a screensaver on his phone of the UMBC logo as a reminder of the pain that’s shaped him, was asked by a reporter Saturday when he expects to remove it. Guy said a national championship might not even prompt him to change it.

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