Shaquille O’Neal’s Mom Reacts to Old Feud with Son & Lakers’ JaVale McGee

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NBA Hall of Famer, Shaquille O’Neal once got into a nasty feud with Los Angeles Lakers big man, JaVale McGee.

McGee was featured on O’Neal’s “Shaqtin A Fool” a lot over the years, because, well, he made laughable mistakes often.

SB Nation phrased it best: Shaq turned McGee’s career lowlights into a parody of Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

The teasing went too far when Shaq’s segment found it’s way into a war of words on Twitter.

According to Rolling Stone Magazine: While many believed O’Neal had finally taken it too far – The Mercury News’ Marcus Thompson II wrote about the reasons O’Neal was out of line.

The beef reportedly got so bad that the Golden State Warriors, McGee’s team at the time, reached out to TNT and Turner Sports after JaVale McGee and Shaquille O’Neal had a Twitter exchange about the network’s coverage of the Warriors player, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein and Chris Haynes.

The team reportedly reached out to “express concern” at how the network has covered McGee over the past year, as McGee made frequent appearances on O’Neal’s “Shaqtin’ a Fool” segment.

Lucille O’Neal, Shaq’s mom, stepped in and let her son know that it was time to put an end to their long-standing feud.

“What I encouraged him to do was let it go,” Shaq’s mother, Lucille O’Neal told Scoop B Radio.

Momma O’Neal is fair, but she’s also honest. That’s what mothers are supposed to do.

“I have orders from the top to leave it alone,” Shaq told ESPN’s The Undefeated.

“No, [not NBA commissioner Adam Silver]. My mama. Just say Shaq’s mom, called him, told him, ‘Stop this silliness. Leave him alone.’ So that’s the end of the beef.

What in the world did she say?

“Well the conversations that my son and I have, I really want to keep confidential,” Lucille O’Neal told Scoop B Radio.

“Because a war of words can go on forever. I mean it can go on a long time and some things are better left unsaid. So there had to be a cutoff point and I knew it was time so I encouraged him to just let it go. Brandon when I was growing up we used to say sticks and stones can break your bones but words will never hurt you that is really not true, because words can hurt you. So with the war of words going on both of them were hurt so it was just time to let that go.”

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