Lubbock Sets Scooters on Fire To Celebrate Texas Tech NCAA Win

Scooters on fire in Lubbock


Scooters were the first casualties of celebration after Texas Tech won its Final Four matchup on Saturday night and advanced to the championship game on Monday.  And much of the Internet joked about the scooters’ demise.

Recently scooters have been the subject of a lot of jokes and strange news reports — even an episode of South Park where they turned evil and tried to take over the town. A Slate article from December tried to solve the mystery of these electric scooters ending up in rivers and lakes, and then Austin chimed in this January to admit the problem had spread there too. (Since then, the Austin subreddit has become well known for its hate of scooters.)

Lubbock just recently joined in on all the fun when these bird scooters began appearing in the city in September. KCBD lamented: “Where did all these scooters come from?” And then Lime launched its own program in Lubbock in November, upping the numbers. Now it looks like the scooters have found a new home.

While setting things on fire has been a tradition after big wins like March Madness, setting scooters on fire is new. Sarah Self-Walbrick from Lubbock Online shared the news about the scooters that were on fire tonight:

The scooters were added to a couch that had been set on fire, losing their lives to the celebration.

Here’s another video of people happily burning the scooters:

Apparently the scooter deaths happened just steps from Texas Tech University.

Here’s a video from the tweet above.

Some people were happy when they read the news about the scooters.

They weren’t so happy about the destroyed cars or SWAT and tear gas though.

The number of scooters lost varies, some say six:

Still, many on the Internet are making jokes about the idea of scooters being set on fire.

Not everyone was happy about the loss of the scooters though.

Nearly the same words, but a very different reaction:

And now a moment of silence for the scooters that were lost.

For some, the hero of the night was the guy riding down Broadway in Lubbock with a Lime Scooter that was still on fire.

How many scooters will be set on fire if Lubbock beats Virginia on Monday?