Draymond Green’s Weight Loss: How Much Did Warriors Player Lose From Diet?

Getty Draymond Green pictured before the season (left) next to what he looks like during the playoffs after losing weight (right).

Draymond Green’s weight loss has been a big talking point heading into the NBA finals. During an interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, Green admitted to losing 25 pounds during the season.

Green credited his diet for being able to drop weight prior to the postseason. Green cut out a number of things he loves including candy, potato chips, wine and all forms of liquor.

“I just knew that if I was going to be the player that I need to be in order for this team to be as great as it can be [I needed to get in better shape],” Green told ESPN. “…I gave up candy. I love potato chips. I gave up chips…My fiance is a candy head so she’ll have candy stocked up. So, you’re talking Cookies ‘N Cream Hersheys, Reese’s, gummy worms. Whatever it is, I gave all that stuff up.”

Green, who is listed at 230 pounds, replaced the sugar and carbs with fruits and vegetables. According to The Athletic, Warriors GM Bob Meyers approached Green after the All-Star break to encourage him to get in shape. Meyers did not know that Green was already working with the Warriors training staff to get back in shape.

“Yeah, I start this strenuous regimen on March 6,” he told Myers. “It’ll take me like two weeks, maybe like 10 days, to really get to where I need to be.”

Myers replied with a puzzled glance: “Wait, you already knew this?”

Green explained his whole plan. He has a nutritionist guiding his diet, his chef making his meals. The strength and conditioning team had the strategy for him dropping weight while maintaining strength. It turns out, Green knew it was time, too.

Green Also Lost 20 Pounds Prior to the 2012 NBA Draft

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Green is no stranger to getting in shape as the big man lost 20 pounds prior to the 2012 draft. Coming out of Michigan State, there were concerns about Green’s weight as well as what position he would play in the NBA.

Green ended up falling into the second round much to the delight of the Warriors who selected him with the No. 35 pick. ESPN detailed how Green cut out “bad carbs” to get into shape prior to beginning his pro career.

Consider Draymond Green: The Warriors forward dropped to the 35th pick in the 2012 draft in part because his body fat, vertical leap and conditioning were subpar. But after his rookie season with Golden State, Green dropped 20 pounds by eliminating what he called the “bad carbs,” including his beloved tacos from a Vargas & Sons Tortillas in Saginaw, Michigan. Green says his lighter build has alleviated chronic knee pain, improved his stamina and enabled him to cut down on mental errors.

Even before Myers approached him, Green already knew he needed to get in better shape. Green leaned on his previous experience to drop pounds before the playoffs.

“I knew I wasn’t in good shape,” Green told The Athletic. “But I also know if anybody knows how to get in shape and get in shape quick, I know how. I’ve been doing it all my life.”

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