WATCH: Houston Rockets Fan Chants ‘New York Knicks’ at Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Knicks Chant

Getty Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors takes a three point shot defended by James Harden.

In a hilarious moment briefly caught on air, one Houston fan made a point to repeatedly chant “New York Knicks” at Kevin Durant, who was inbounding the ball. With the ability to opt out of his deal and become a free agent once again this summer, rumors are swirling as far as where Durant might wind up. A recent hotspot in the Kevin Durant rumor sweepstakes, the Knicks are considered by many to be a top landing spot for the star.

WATCH: Houston Fan Chants ‘New York Knicks’ at Kevin Durant

The fan would make more appearances later in the third quarter. Most notably, the fan chanted “New York Knicks” at Durant in between free throw attempts, with Durant clanking the second of the two. However, the chants wouldn’t seem to slow down the two-time finals MVP as he spearheaded a run in the third quarter that turned a 17 point Rocket lead into just a nine-point lead.

Despite massive performances from Durant and Curry through the first three quarters, the Warriors’ supporting cast struggled mightily. Klay Thompson couldn’t get hot from deep while Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala were ineffective in their limited offensive roles. Despite their struggles, the Warriors were still at 84 points heading into the fourth quarter, a hefty total. Unfortunately for them, Houston simply wouldn’t miss. Raining down a number of big three-pointers, the Rockets were simply able to outgun the Warriors through the first three quarters.

Will Kevin Durant Go to the New York Knicks in Free Agency?

At this point, nobody really knows what Kevin Durant wants to do – including Kevin Durant. However, the Knicks do offer an interesting destination. With the cap space to afford another star player and the chance to revive the biggest franchise in the biggest media market, Durant could finally have the chance to prove the doubters wrong and lead his own team to a title.

The Warriors are already projected to be well over the salary cap heading into the offseason. Durant opting out should free a bit of money but they still need to try and bring back BOTH Durant and Thompson. Klay should find himself the recipient of a max deal, so the Warriors are looking at paying an extremely heavy luxury tax fee in order to keep both players around.