WATCH: Lakers JaVale McGee Fine Tuning Deep Ball Before Free Agency

Javale McGee Lakers Re-sign

Getty JaVale McGee of the Los Angeles Lakers reacts to a foul.

Rumored to be working on a deep ball since his days with the Golden State Warriors, JaVale McGee has only shown off his deep ball on the rarest of occasions. He made his second career three-pointers last season with the Los Angeles Lakers, a buzzer beater to end the third quarter against the Warriors.

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WATCH: Lakers Free Agent JaVale McGee Working on Three-Pointer in Offseason

McGee is a fantastic rim protector and worked well for the Lakers as an athletic above-the-rim weapon in the pick and roll game. Adding a three-point shot to his repertoire would make him an even better fit in a Laker offense that is desperate to have shooters on the court alongside LeBron James and Lonzo Ball.

However, as mentioned above, McGee has been working on his deep ball dating all the way back to his time with the Warriors. With now two full offseasons of working on his deep ball under his belt, is 2019-20 the season we see McGee fully unleash his newest weapon?

We’ve seen how the three-pointer can save careers, especially in the case of former Laker Brook Lopez. McGee with a three-pointer would certainly be an interesting experiment but is one that could potentially have some pretty sizeable upside.

Los Angeles Lakers 2019 NBA Offseason Targets

Aside from looking to bring back JaVale McGee, the Lakers are eyeballing a number of top-tier free agents. Rumored to be in the running for both Kyrie Irving and Kawhi Leonard, the Lakers are looking for at least one more star to play alongside LeBron James. The Lakers have the cap space to add one of those stars in free agency, though they won’t have much left to fill out the roster if the end up with one of Irving or Leonard.

The Lakers are also trying to make a play for Anthony Davis via trade. However, this likely requires them parting ways with a number of top-tier assets and further stripping down their team which is already a skeleton crew. Furthermore, they would likely want a guarantee that Davis would re-sign for beyond the one remaining year on his contract.

While the Lakers would likely prefer to find a way to work out landing a star in both free agency and via trade, their recent drama could potnetially scare off free agent targets, leaving them to make a play for players who are already locked down under team control.

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