Nav Bhatia’s Job: What Does Raptors Superfan Do For Work?

Nav Bhatia

Getty Raptors superfan Nav Bhatia has not missed a home game since 1995.

Raptors superfan Nav Bhatia is a regular at Toronto games sitting courtside causing many fans to wonder about his job. Bhatia is a top car dealer in Toronto with multiple locations. Bhatia is the owner of Missauga Hyundai and has embraced his visibility thanks to his Raptors fandom. The dealership website dubs it the “Home of the Superfan.”

Bhatia is originally from India and his business journey is full of inspiration. Bhatia was a mechanical engineer but could only find a job as a car salesman, per CTV News. He began his new career as a car salesman and sold close to 150 cars in four months, per Auto News. This led Bhatia to be promoted to the general manager before taking over the dealership seven years ago. Bhatia has become one of the top Hyundai dealers in all of Canada.

How much do Bhatia’s seats with the Raptors cost? According to Auto News, Bhatia spends more than $300,000 a year on Raptors tickets and also gives away tickets to area youth. The Raptors superfan has a big budget with $200,000 per year designated to advertising. Even former president Barack Obama recognized Bhatia from Raptors games.

“I told President Obama that I sort of bring the world together through the game of basketball,” Bhatia noted to Auto News. “He was very happy about that, of course. I’m not a player. I’m just a common guy, and here I am with the 44th President of America and I’m a big fan of him. I am so blessed. When I went into my car, I sat for a few minutes and had to take that all in.”

Nav Bhatia Has Been to Every Raptors Home Game Since 1995

Bhatia has been to every Raptors game since 1995. Journalist Muhammad Lila provided a lengthy Twitter thread detailing Bhatia’s story.

Bhatia came to Canada as an immigrant in the ‘80s with almost nothing. As a brown turbaned guy with an accent he couldn’t get a job as an engineer, so he wound up working as a car salesman at dealership in a rough part of town.

Devastating, right?

Nope. Not for Nav.

He sold 127 cars in just ninety days. It’s a record that stands to this day. He did it the old-fashioned way, by being honest (and yes, some catchy radio ads). He was so good that he eventually bought the dealership. Crazy, right.

Guess what’s crazier?

He later bought another.

Back in 1995, when the businesses weren’t doing well, he still bought season’s tickets. They cost a lot, but he didn’t care. He loved the team. Even those ugly purple dinosaur logos. He wore them with pride.

Bhatia Was Recently the Subject of Racist Tweets, But the Bucks Fan Later Apologized

Bhatia received racist tweets regarding his turban during the Eastern Conference Finals. The Bucks fans later called Bhatia to apologize, and the Raptors superfan has since said he has forgiven him, even noting he wanted to buy him dinner.

“I felt bad for him actually,” Bhatia told CTV News. “I felt sad for him and, you know, two days later he called me and apologized.”