WATCH: Tom Brady Trashes Matt Damon’s Home on Jimmy Kimmel

Tom Brady

Getty New England Patriots QB Tom Brady


om Brady, the six-time Super Bowl champion quarterback for the New England Patriots, tested out his comedy chops in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, helping the host to escalate his fake feud with Matt Damon.

After chatting with Brady for a while about life and football, Kimmel asks the living legend to show off few throws. But of course, they can’t do it in the studio, so they take it outside, and eventually to 223 Liberache Lane — aka, Matt Damon’s house, unbeknownst to Brady.

Tom Brady Helps Jimmy Kimmel Vandalize Matt Damon’s HouseTom Brady claims that his arm is as strong as it ever was, so Jimmy took him and Guillermo to Matt Damon’s house for surprise target practice. Emilia Clarke on Epic Game of Thrones Battle, Kit Harington & Riding Dragons SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: Watch Mean Tweets: Connect with Jimmy…2019-05-03T04:07:08.000Z

It turns out that even at 41-years old, Brady can still hit his spot, firing a rocket through the upstairs window at Kimmel’s request.

“Oh my gosh, do you live here?” feigns Kimmel as a raging Matt Damon emerges from his home.

But the Jason Bourne actor, who is a huge Patriots fan in real life, softens when he learns that it was Brady who did the damage. “It’s great to meet you. I’m your number-one fan. I’m Matt Damon.”

“I’m sorry Pat,” Brady deadpans before Kimmel corrects him.

The pair then rush to take off in a cab while Damon excitedly sprints inside to show the quarterback his “Tom Brady body pillow.”

Brady played along while tweeting about unknowingly being dragged into the fued last night.

Brady Happy to Let Gisele Bring Home the Bacon

tom brady wife

GettyTom Brady doesn’t mind being the second-biggest earner in the house.

Comedy aside, Brady opened up to Kimmel about his relatively modest salary. According to Spotrac,  he was the 12th-highest paid player in the NFL last year with a cap hit of $22 million, behind lesser talents like Kirk Cousins and Joe Flacco.

There’s no question that the three-time league MVP and four-time Super Bowl MVP could be squeezing the Patriots for more cash if he wanted.

“Shouldn’t you be the highest paid guy?” asks Kimmel.

“I’ve always felt for me and my life, winning has been a priority, and my wife makes a lot of money. I’m a little smarter than you think,” laughs Brady.

In 2016, wife Gisele Bundchen was the highest-paid model in the world, taking home $44 million per year, or about $128,000 per day.

“It’s the salary cap, Brady points out. “You can only spend so much, and the more that one guy gets, it’s less for others. And I think from a competitive standpoint, I want a lot of great players around me.”

Greedy Brady Wants More Rings

Despite brandishing six Super Bowl rings, the California-raised Brady has been hard at work all offseason as he looks to add a seventh to the collection. The season is still four months away, but he was spotted at the UCLA campus working out with some of his receivers earlier this week.

He insists that, even at 41, he’s not just trying to maintain; he’s trying to get better.

“I think definitely trying to improve. I feel like after all these years there’s a certain feeling you get when you throw a perfect pass, and I’m sure it’s like that in a lot of other careers, but when you’re really on and you’re nailing it, you just want to repeat it.”