Celtics Trade Rumors: Kyrie Irving Deal With Nets & Hornets Is Being Discussed

Kyrie Irving Lakers

Getty Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics celebrates against the Indiana Pacers.

The Boston Celtics are exploring a potential sign-and-trade deal involving Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported the Celtics are having exploratory talks with the Hornets and Nets to potentially pull off a three-team deal.

“Sources: Boston’s showing interest in a 3-team sign-and-trade w/ Kyrie Irving (Nets), Kemba Walker (Celtics) and Terry Rozier (Hornets). Boston wants to create a full MLE and would likely need to surrender at least a first-round pick to Nets. So far, talks are exploratory,” Wojnarowski tweeted.

Real GM’s Keith Smith reported that a sign-and-trade could pave the way for the Celtics to bring back Al Horford.

As I tweeted last night, the door isn’t closed on a Horford return to Boston. Both sides remain interested if they can clear the considerable hurdles to make it happen…

It allows Boston to operate as an over the cap team, thus keeping the rights to Al Horford (and others) and then the ability to re-sign them using those rights. Also, Kemba Walker will not sign tonight. That won’t happen until 7/6 at the earliest when the moratorium ends…

Something working in favor for Boston, Brooklyn and Charlotte pulling off a complicated 3-team trade full of S&T deals: All three front offices have smart executives that understand the cap. If there is a mutually beneficial way to get this done, they will find it.

Al Horford Returning to the Celtics Could Still Be in Play

For weeks, Al Horford was expected to sign with another team after opting out of his contract, but as free agency begins there have been rumors that the Celtics could retain the big man. ESPN’s Bobby Marks detailed why the Celtics are exploring a potential deal involving Walker and Irving.

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Rozier/Kyrie combination would create a $32.7M trade exception that would allow BOS to take back Kemba and still have the full $9.3M midlevel exception available (they would be acting over the cap). Rozier would go to Charlotte in the trade exception created by Walker…

There is no incentive for Brooklyn unless they are going to be compensated with a first round pick. The Nets would be hard capped and Boston would have the full $9.3M ML. They would also gift wrap Terry Rozier to Charlotte, a team that does not have room to sign him.

With Irving’s decision expected as free agency begins, it will be interesting to see if details of how the All-Star will sign with Brooklyn will be released. The Celtics will likely have to include something in the deal to entice the Nets.