Sean Payton-Cowboys Called ‘Perfect Fit’ as Pairing Remains Hot Topic

The 2019 NFL season hasn’t kicked off and the chatter about the future of Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is already underway. Not only has the season not started, but training camp isn’t even here yet, but the question marks about Garrett and a potential coaching change after the year will remain a talking point.

Unfortunately for the fans who are team-Garrett, it’s largely due to current New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton and the hope of his potential return. While Payton is locked in as the Saints coach and hasn’t issued any comments that point to him heading elsewhere in the near future, the idea of a return to Dallas still looms.

Payton was the assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach for the Cowboys from 2003-05 under Bill Parcells. By the time Parcells’ tenure with Dallas had wrapped up, the 2006 AP Coach of the Year was long gone and building a talented group in New Orleans.

He’s the one who got away, and even with Garrett doing a fine job as of late with the Cowboys (in the eyes of some), there’s no way to sugarcoat how badly many fans hope to see Payton return to Dallas.

And the latest chatter will only add fuel to that fire.

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Sean Payton Called ‘Perfect Fit’ With Cowboys

The topic came up again during a recent Q&A with Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. After he spoke a bit about Garrett and the job he’s done with the Cowboys, Machota was asked who would be the team’s next head coach if a change was made.

While the Cowboys analyst didn’t put any reports or rumors out, he was brutally honest about the fact that Payton has to be a name on the table. Machota first stated that he’d have to see anyone other than Payton hired “to believe it.”

Machota: “I’ll never rule out Sean Payton. I won’t. … If they parted ways with Garrett, I will not believe that Sean Payton will (not) be their head coach until somebody else is in place and really, it won’t be until that actual press conference. I’ll actually have to see them to believe it.

From there, Machota dropped the phrase which grabbed plenty of attention, stating that Payton is a “perfect fit” in Dallas. He also proceeded to explain that he’s always believed the Saints coach wants to return to the Cowboys.

“It just seems like such a perfect fit and to be honest with you, I’ve always felt like Sean wanted to come back here anyway. He knows how important this job is.” Machota stated.

Jason Garrett’s Future With Dallas Cowboys

It’s been somewhat of a strange recent stretch with Garrett and the Cowboys. During the latter part of the 2018 season, there were rumblings that the coach was likely to get a contract extension after leading the team to a 10-6 record and a playoff win over the Seattle Seahawks. Shortly after the season, that topic was pushed to the side and very little has been said about it since.

Garrett has posted a 77-59 record since taking over during the 2010 season, replacing Wade Phillips in the process. He’s gone 2-3 in playoff games as the head coach and never made it past the divisional round, although the Cowboys haven’t accomplished that feat since they won the Super Bowl in 1995.

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