Julian Edelman Impersonates Patriots Coaches, Teammates [WATCH]

Julian Edelman impersonations

Getty Julian Edelman has plenty of impersonations of teammates and coaches to offer.

During his media tour to promote his sports documentary, 100% Julian Edelman, the New England Patriots receiver has revealed some aspects of his background and personality about which fans may not have known.

One of the talents which Edelman has shown off in recent days is his impersonations of teammates and coaches. Here he is channeling the terse, annoyed, snorting tone of Patriots coach Bill Belichick:

Belichick is probably Edelman’s most popular request. Hell, a lot of us have probably done a version of Belichick huffing and shrugging his way through the press conferences that always seem to be an exercise in misery for him.

So it probably shouldn’t have been a surprise when ESPN’s Dianna Russini asked Edelman to lead off with his Belichick impression during his appearance on NFL Live. But keep watching and you’ll see that Edelman has even better impersonations.

The Rob Gronkowski attempt was kind of disappointing, but Edelman admitted that Gronk is a tough one because his personality simply can’t be captured with mimicry.

But how about that Josh McDaniels impersonation? Not much audio of the Patriots offensive coordinator mic’ed up is available, yet some effective lip-reading indicates that Edelman’s “Gosh darn it!” was almost certainly cleaned up for television. The high-pitched exclamation definitely sold it, though.

Josh McDaniels, MIC'ed up!2010-09-18T06:00:02.000Z

Edelman could definitely have a future as a talking head in a more conventional sports documentary than he’s made with 100% Julian Edelman. Imagine an NFL Films production with Edelman providing his impersonations of Belichick, McDaniels, and Brady intercut with actual game footage.

Or if he was interested and not too worn out after a game, maybe Edelman could help out the team by imitating teammates and coaches while providing answers to the media. OK, the media likely wouldn’t care for that. Might be worth a try during training camp, though. Just an idea.

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