Kate Abdo Celebrates Getting Green Card on Instagram

Getty Kate Abdo recently celebrated earning her green card.

Kate Abdo is originally from England, and is known to many American sports fans for her soccer coverage on TNT, Bleacher Report and Fox. Abdo feels a little bit closer to the United States after she recently earned her green card. Abdo took to Instagram to celebrate the big moment, and offered a tongue-in-cheek commentary on America from an English perspective.

“GOT MY GREEN CARD ??? So grateful to @foxsports for believing in me and giving me my first opportunity here.
Americans can be weird… You talk about Europe like it’s just one country… Hug people when you first meet them… Put too much ice in all drinks… Are obsessed with peanut butter… Go to the airport like you dressed for bed… Pronounce Craig like it’s Creg. But i got so much love for you and this country. Thank you for having me ??❤️??,” Abdo posted on Instagram.

Abdo has an affinity for soccer thanks to her parents who are both huge fans.

Abdo’s Parents Are Massive Soccer Fans

Abdo grew up around sports as both her parents were coaches. Abdo's mom is a Liverpool fan, while her dad is a Manchester United supporter. She spoke with SB Nation about her introduction to athletics.

It definitely came from there. My parents are both sports teachers, so I grew up with that being a really big part of life. Their weekends and their evenings were often taken up coaching sports teams and that was something that I would have to tag along to a lot because that’s where they needed to be, and then my brother was on the football team and a bunch of different teams at school, so when I was still younger — he’s quite older than me — my mum would want to be watching those. Also, just growing up in the UK, football is such a part of popular culture that it just felt like it was always present. My mum and dad are big football fans themselves. My dad’s a big [Manchester] United fan, my mum’s a big Liverpool fan, so that rivalry was always present in home life as well, and it just feels like it’s always been part of me.

When Abdo is not busy with her soccer coverage, she enjoys hanging out with her adorable french bulldog.

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Abdo Now Lives in the United States & Speaks 4 Languages

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According to the Star-Telegram, Abdo no longer lives in England and has no desire to move back thanks to the weather. The sports commentator speaks four languages but admits it can be challenging being a woman in a male-dominated profession.

“As a woman in sports the one thing that you feel really conscious of is that there is no room for you to make a mistake,” Abdo noted to the Star-Telegram. “There is no room for you to know less. You have to be really conscientious of, how prepared am I? Am I across the sport? You almost feel like you need to be a level ahead of a male broadcaster simply because there is that assumed knowledge whereas a female coming into any type of sport you have to prove that I belong here.”